Zelda Breath of the Wilde

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Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Calling All Adventurers!

24 Apr , 2017  

Written by Matthew Rondina

Zelda Breath of the Wilde

As the dust settles from the whirlwind launch of the Nintendo Switch, the console’s premier title Zelda Breath of the Wild remains the talk of the gaming world. Both newcomers and experienced Zelda fans seem to be enthralled with Link’s newest trail blazing adventures in Hyrule. The rich 30 year tradition of Zelda titles has been combined with modern open world gameplay making this a perfect time for aspiring action-adventure fans to jump into Hyrule.


The Rebirth of Adventure


Zelda Breath of the Wilde


A lot of the praise for Breath of the Wild stems from the open world experience it offers, which allows near boundless exploration from the get go. It you are entering the series for the first time this offers bountiful exploration that will allow you to ease yourself into the core quest line.


When presented with the game’s open world it naturally inspires curiosity, unlike other open world games you aren’t hit with a checklist of places to visit, instead you must decide where you want to go and how much of any given area you wish to explore. Traditional beloved tropes of the Zelda franchise still exist, they just aren’t as pronounced, making you feel like a true adventurer.


An example of this are dungeons, which traditionally would need to be completed in a certain order or they would impede your progress. In Breath of the Wild you can explore and decide which to complete first, only having enemy difficulty stand in your way. This change in the formula allows players to move more freely throughout Link’s world and discover more of the game’s magic on their own terms.


A Class Above

Zelda Breath of the Wilde

Critics unanimously agree that Breath of the Wild is something special, with a majority of the gaming industry’s largest (as well as smallest) and most recognized outlets awarding the franchise’s latest entry with a perfect score. The dozens of high scores have a combined average of 97/100 on metacritic, a website that aggregates ratings from all over the reviewing landscape. This score places Breath of the Wild with some extremely impressive company, placing it amongst the highest rated games of all time.


Link entered the 3D realm in 1998 on the Nintendo 64, no other action-adventure game has been able to dethrone it’s 99 metacritic score. The Breath of the Wild has come the closest, which should make any video game aficionado stand up and take notice. If you’re not familiar with the Zelda series or are looking to make a return after a long absence, now is the perfect time to return to Hyrule as it’s as magical as ever.


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