Xbox Live Games with Gold for June 2017

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Xbox Live Games with Gold for June 2017

5 Jun , 2017  

Written by Matthew Rondina
The free Games with Gold for June offer a few different genres to wet your gaming appetite. Leading the way are indie racer SpeedRunners and open world action hacker-a-thon Watch Dogs, this month there’s some unique fun for everyone. Check out the Xbox Live Games with Gold for June 2017.
All of these experiences are part of the Games with Gold lineup, a benefit for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. The program offers 4 free games each month – two on Xbox One and two on Xbox 360. An added bonus on Xbox One is all 4 games are playable via backward compatibility.
Check out the run down below to find your gaming match for the month:

SpeedRunners – (Available from June 1-30th on Xbox One)

Xbox Live Games with Gold for June 2017
The first offering for the month is competitive multiplayer racer SpeedRunners allowing you and up to 4 opponents to duke it out to the finish line. The main objective is to keep up with the fastest player in-game or fall offscreen and get eliminated. To up the ante weapons like missiles, mines and grappling hooks are available to battle back opponents for fast, frantic racing.

Watch Dogs (Available June 16 – July 15 on Xbox One)

Xbox Live Games with Gold for June 2017
Source : UbiSoft
Watch Dogs is an open world, third person shooter that has you playing as a highly skilled hacker, Aiden Pearce. The game features a great storyline with a wide variety of missions as you lead Aiden on a path of revenge against Chicago’s underworld.
What sets Watch Dogs apart from other open world games is the unique ability to “hack” your way through the city with your in-game phone. These skills come in handy in stealth and combat situations allowing you to create diversions within the environment to escape harm, for example you can hack traffic lights during a car chase to lose a pursuing enemy.
Multiplayer is also a lot of fun featuring various modes like car races, competitive decryption combat, and a mobile challenge.

Assassin’s Creed III (Available June 1 – 15 on Xbox 360 & Xbox One)

Xbox Live Games with Gold for June 2017
Source: UbiSoft
The epic Assassin’s Creed saga continues with you battling back the Templars during the American Revolution. You play as Connor, an 18th century Assassin who must fight to protect his people and a young nation from an evil external influence that wishes to enslave humanity.
Gameplay features the parkour and stealth staples that players have come to know and love with enhancements that further streamline player movement. The game moves through various stages of Connor’s life which will have you exploring many different locales such as New York, Boston, Philadelphia and the American Colonial Frontier.
Assassin’s Creed III also features a deep multiplayer experience that pits you both solo and in teams to complete various objectives.

Dragon Age: Origins (Available June 16 – 30 on Xbox 360 & Xbox One)

Xbox Live Games with Gold for June 2017
Source: Bioware
The first entry in the series, Dragon Age: Origins is a role playing game that has you battling back demonic forces known as “Darkspawn.” Based in the fictional kingdom of Ferelden your world is under siege and it’s up to you and your allies to save it.
The game has you choose between warrior, mage, rogue classes building your character for a final showdown with the Archdemon who leads the invasion into your world. If you enjoy deep stories, detailed lore and RPG action you’ll love the experiences that await you in Dragon Age.

Phantom Dust DLC (Availiable June 1 – 30 on Xbox One)

The newly re-released Xbox classic Phantom Dust is available as a free download now. As a bonus this month, free add-on DLC is available to help you with your quest. The free multiplayer DLC contact pack includes a variety of skills and abilities to help defeat your enemies. Don’t forget to grab this content to help give you an extra edge!
Have fun on your adventures as a hero, hacker, assassin and dragon slayer in June! I hope to see you online, game on!

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