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Meet Rachel a.k.a. @RayRayKay Your WorldGaming Girl

20 Feb , 2015  

She’s crazy cool and all ours!

RayRayKay joined us last week and we’re excited to introduce WGNation and WGArmy to the beautiful and talented host here at WorldGaming.

She’s going to be introducing you to the newest and hottest WorldGaming features. She’ll also be hosting live Twitch streams, broadcasting live from our events across North America, and hosting some amazing online contests.

You can keep an eye out for her own series of exclusive leader boards and brackets too. That’s right, you’ll able to challenge RayRayKay and meet up her with on PSN and XBL.

Take a minute and welcome RayRayKay to the WorldGaming Family.

Hot Gamer Girl RayRayKay
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Need some help setting up your account? @RayRayKay’s got you covered.

Wistia – via Iframely

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