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24 May , 2018  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

MRKN_Magik is currently sitting on the roster of Call of Duty players on the MRKN Clan.  Magik just recently played alongside his teammates; Flawless, JHaze, and Vicious.  The team is competiting in the Call of Duty World League 2K tournaments in order to qualify for CWL Dallas.  The west coast player has been a long time fanatic of the Call of Duty franchise.  Dating back to Call of Duty 2. Magik works tirelessly to grind with his teammates to ensure each and every outing will be better than the last for MRKN Clan.

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I had the opportunity to hear his backstory and get his take on the current iteration of the Call of Duty franchise.
Q: Can you give the readers a bit of an introduction?
A: My name is Chris, and I have been playing variant in Call of Duty since Call of Duty 2.  I was playing on websites like GB and NexGen. My favorite role is the main AR/slayer.
Q: How long ago did you first get into eSports?

A: I first got into competing when I met people in Call of Duty 2.  That is when I was introduced to the idea of setting up matches, and having a team to build and progress with.


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Q: At what point did you see it go from a passive hobby, to something more?
A: Competing went from a hobby to profession really quickly.  Competing has always been something I’ve been very passionate about.  I played basketball, baseball, and football leading up until the time I quit sports, and focused mainly on school and Call of Duty.  When I stopped playing sports, the intensity, adrenaline, and the chemistry formed between teammates made me fall in love with the competition in eSports.
Q: What lead you to be part of MRKN Clan?
A: I can say that playing for hours on end during the two weekends that the WWII Beta was live landed me a spot with MRKN Clan.   Flawless and I met when picking teams for competitive 12s.  Once him and I were on the same team, we started to get a feel for how each other plays the map.  Afterwhich, we decided that we are nasty together, and were both interested in being teammates.  JHaze was my teammate in Infinite Warfare, leading into WWII.  Him and I have always had a bond that I feel can best be described as us being that dynamic AR/SMG duo.
Q: What is it about Call of Duty that brings you back year after year?
A: There is one thing that always brings me back to compete year after year.  I quit during Call of Duty: Ghosts because I was pursuing my degree in Mechanical Engineering at Oregon state University.  However, after my first couple years living in Oregon and experiencing college first hand, I had this driving energy pushing me back to grind Call of Duty.  I have always had this particular vision that gaming will open more doors than just the opportunities that can become available in the world of eSports.  Here I am today grinding everyday, working with our team to turn those visions into a reality.
Q: Have you been spending much time with WWII?
A: I have been spending an incredible amount of time on WWII.  I could accurately estimate my team and I have spent over 90 hours on this game together.  At least 10 hours a day since November 3rd.  We are grinding to reach that point of perfection we are all satisfied with.
Q: What has the transition been like from ultra-futuristic back down to boots on the ground mechanics?
A: The transition from ultra-futuristic back down to boots on the ground mechanics has been a tremendous transition in my opinion.  This IS Call of Duty as everyone knows it.  This is where Call of Duty’s roots sprouted, and aside from that this is where I sprouted as a young player.  Boots on the ground mechanics is where I personally feel more comfortable than ever before playing Call of Duty at the highest level of competition.
Q: What does the daily routine look like leading up to a big tournament?
A: The daily routine looks like this leading into a big tournament: Wake up, brush my teeth, shower, breakfast etc.  Afterwards, it is just about getting online with the team.  From there we play the 5 pro point matches we need, then take a break to eat.  After our break, we scrim until around 1AM EST, and wagers after scrims. Rest up and do it all over again the next day.
Q: What is your most cherished moment competing?
A: I would say my favorite moment competing would be in Black Ops 1.  I had the opportunity of playing alongside doS, while competing against the likes of players like Regrets, Aches, TuQuick, and many other reputable players.  That was my first main event, and the beginning of what I seen to be all these players being obstacles getting into the way of me accomplishing what I want the most, to be the best AR player in the game.
Q: What can everyone expect to see from you in the coming months?
A: Everybody can expect to see a main AR player who has an open mind and is willing to work. Willing to put the extra time and effort into becoming the most effective, and consistent player I can be.

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Q: Where can people follow you online?
A: People can follow me on Twitter @MRKN_Magik.  You can view my livestream and past VOD broadcasts at  You can also subscribe to my YouTube where I will begin posting content related to MRKN team updates.  People can stay on the in and now with everything MRKN Clan related.

About The Author: Steve Vegvari

Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario.  His enthusiasm and adoration of the video game industry go back to the days of SNES.  Find him on Twitter and join in on the escapades.
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