WorldGaming eSports Professional Player Profile: Justin Wong


WorldGaming eSports Professional Player Profile: Justin Wong

12 Jul , 2017  

1. How did you first get into competing in eSports?
It happened by accident around the year 2000. I really wanted to just play people from different arcades but eventually I started traveling around the world without thinking about it. It became such an addiction that I wanted to do more with it.
2. When did gaming go from a hobby to profession?
I would say when I got sponsored by Evil Geniuses in 2010. I never wore a jersey representing a brand before. I always just did my own thing but after 2010, I have always represented the people who supported me!
3. What is your daily routine leading up to a big event?
My daily routine is look at my brackets to see who I am fighting and try to find videos of their gameplay so I can understand how to beat them in a consistent matter. I also look at the videos of the heavy killers as well.
4. What has been your biggest hurdle in regards to competing and how did you overcome it?
The biggest hurdle for me lately is maintaining a full time job while traveling to tournaments on the weekends. It is not easy but I been pretty consistent with it at the moment.
5. What is the most rewarding moment competing has provided you?
The most rewarding moment I must say is meeting new people and them telling me I am their idol. It makes me really happy that I can make a positive difference in the world because of my passion.
6. What is an important tip you can give out to anyone looking to pursue eSports?
To remind them that this profession isn’t easy. It should always start as a hobby and if you want to really do more, please have a back up plan. It is not easy to go all in with this and come out on top.
7. What can everyone expect to see from you in the coming months?
You will see me competing at many of the Capcom Pro Tour events and also streaming to teach you guys on

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