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Brain Trust: Frosty

11 Apr , 2018  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

Jordan “Frosty” Frost plays Rainbow Six Siege under the Revolt Gaming umbrella.  Since Frosty has joined the team, he was able to win Major League on the Xbox platform.  Things have shaken up a little since then.

As PC is the only platform the Pro League supports.  Frosty has now transitioned himself to playing on PC and expanded from a support role a more rounded player for his future pursuits.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself.

A: I’m known as “Frosty” due to my last name being Frost.  I played under the organization Revolt Gaming when competing.  I have moved to PC after winning Major League on Xbox to pursue Challenger League and get more known in the PC community.

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Q: How did you first get into competing?

A: I first started competing in Sunday Go4’s with my first team IrE, which was a originally a ranked team that we played as since the beginning of the game.  We decided to try ESL as we had all been diamond since the beginning of the game.  Everyone thought that we were just “ranked sweats” but we did beat some of the greats.

I then switched teams to some of the members from Revolt, which was when I really started to play lots more ESL and started to become better at the game. This was around season 4.

Q: What pulled you into playing Rainbow Six: Siege?

A: I originally liked the idea of a “tactical shooter” but I soon realised it wasn’t really the case due to how higher level players play.  Even though it wasn’t the original reason of why I bought the game, I just kept on playing, because other games were boring to me.

Q: Do you find yourself playing a constant role when competing?

A: When competing, I found myself playing a constant role, as Thermite and Castle/Echo (Support).  In most games we used these operators for our strats, that me and Parallax made originally, which is also another role for the team I guess.  I found myself playing Castle a lot, as most of our old strats needed him.

However, on PC I will be playing a lot more of a flexible role in the team, playing operators such as Hibana, Ying, Sledge and Buck.  This is because I feel like I play better more as a slayer on PC rather than support.  PC is a lot more strat based compared to Xbox, so most people in the team will be playing lots of different roles in order to win the game.  We feel like Xbox was more based on getting more kills, rather than counter strats.

Q: How do you feel about the ongoing updates Ubisoft has been releasing?

I feel happy with the new update, as I feel like the hit recognition is a lot better than before.  However, I don’t like the trap meta too much but have learned to adapt it and it is not really a problem anymore.  I feel like some things need to be balanced like removing all 3 speed ACOGs.  Not just the ones on defence, but I wasn’t really an ACOG player anyway so the updates to those haven’t affected me.  I feel like every update that Ubisoft release is making the game more fresh, which is keeping me playing it!

A: What would you like to see added to the game in the future?

I would like to see better DLC maps in the future, and less trap based operators.  I feel like the only good DLC map for me currently is Border, and I think that we need more maps like that.

Q: How did you end up involved with Revolt Gaming?

From joining the team with some of the Revolt players, SU eSport, we started to place a lot higher in Go4s and making it to the monthly finals.  Revolt offered us a place under the organisation, which we accepted.  We lost the first Major League qualifiers with the new name Revolt, and players left so we thought our time competing was over.  We managed to pick up Parallax and Blurr within a week of the next qualifiers.  The team went on to win the qualifiers with that team, and then the whole Major League.

Q: Can you walk us through some of your experiences during Major League?

A: The best experience has to be the Major League finals!  We came in prepared and came out with the win, 5-1 and 5-2.  This was a good experience due to some of the clutches and other clips that myself, and other team mates had during the games.  It was a big achievement for us as most of the other teams said that we would never get anywhere, and would lose Major League.  Proving the haters that we can do something on the game was a good experience for all of us!

Q: What can everyone expect to see from you in the coming months?

A: Within the coming months, we hope to fully have built up our new team, with me and Parallax from the Xbox Revolt team.  He is moving to us on PC and we hope to start being more known and getting a lot better as players, and as a team, hopefully winning a few things on there as well.

Q: Where can people follow you online?

A: They can follow me on, as well as @Revolt_GamingHD.  They can also subscribe on YouTube for content on Siege, and gameplay from our ESL and ranked games.  My YouTube channel is called Frosty.  Thank you!

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About The Author: Steve Vegvari

Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario.  His enthusiasm and adoration of the video game industry go back to the days of SNES.  Find him on Twitter and join in on the escapades.

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