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WGN Brain Trust: FlamE

31 Jul , 2018  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

I spoke with Jack “FlamE” Pearton about how he got his start in Rocket League.  The former Call of Duty hopeful player went on to pursue a future in Rocket League and focus his efforts on eSports.
FlamE previously was involved with Method and ranked second during the Gfinity Elite Series Season 1.  Now, presently sitting with Tylacto and Continuum on Europe’s Team Secret.  FlamE helped to land the team in eighth place during Europe’s Rocket League Championship Series Season 4.  Placing 16th during Season 3, it was quite a feat for him to be able to reflect on his playstyle.  FlamE found solace in leaning on a team that he could bounce ideas off of and sharpen his skills.


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Q: How did you first get into eSports?
A: I didn’t have any intention of getting into eSports when I was younger.  However, as any young gamer would, I wanted to be involved as a player in some way.  I first started to watch Call of Duty and played some games competitively after watching one of the World Championships.  I wasn’t bad at the game but I knew that getting to the top teams is a lot harder than as I first thought.  After I knew that the hard work was needed, I still played competitively.  My intention was not to play at that level.  Only playing with people who enjoyed it as much as I did while still wanting to win.
The next game I started playing competitively was Rocket League.  I started playing competitive consistently about 5 months after the game came out so I was already at a disadvantage if I was to try and make it to the top.  I played with mates who I know from school to just enjoy the game until about October 2016.  At that point, a few people had said I should try and go “pro” in eSports.  Eventually, I switched to PC in January 2017 and started off just playing consistently until I got to the top rank.  This is when I improved and kept sticking at it until I got involved with the top players.  I was committing 100% to putting in time and not giving up.  The hardest part is to learn from mistakes or bad results, and putting in the mot time you can.
Q: When did eSports go from hobby to profession?
A: This has only happened recently with the joining of Team Secret as now I need to put in the hours to provide the results especially against these high level teams.  Coming under a big organisation is a lot of pressure, but also motivates you to working hard and working as a team to try and sort out the problems.
Q: How did you start playing for Team Secret?
A: After the qualifiers for RLCS Season 4 was when we thought about the potential organisations that we would like to join.  We didn’t know about Team Secret until we started talking as they were looking to expand into Rocket League.  After talks about the expectations of us as a team and them as an organization, we made a deal.  We decided to go ahead to join them and represent them in RLCS.
Q: What is it about Rocket League that grabbed your attention?
A: The simple reason I play Rocket League was the fact that it is fast and fun to play with mates.  Anyone who plays the game a lot knows that playing solo can be frustrating at times and is always nice to join with others.  I didn’t have any intention of becoming a high level player before playing the game, I just simply wanted to join in with a group who I usually played other games with to enjoy the game.
Q: Is there anything you’d like to see added into the game?
A: The most recent thing that has been added by the community was one of the things I was hoping to see which is 6 mans.  After this, probably would be the tournament system, instead of playing ranked where there is a limit to where you can go with no real benefits at all.  The thing that drives high level players to play is simply prizes, whether that be money or some sort of item.  It also will help the players trying to get up to that level by playing as a team in these eSports tournaments regularly instead of having to wait for weekends or specific times for tournaments.
Q: When playing competitively, do you have a designated role you play i.e.: offensive, defensive?
A: At a level of top 16 teams in the region you play in, I think that roles don’t have that much of an effect as a team who may be in the 64 range.  The teams at a lower level can have that one standout player who does a lot in the team in offence or defence specifically; however at top 16 level you really don’t have a role as all players on the team must be good in every aspect.
Considering you are playing against the best players in the world.  Having only 3 players on a team is a big factor as there is more space on the field.  You will at one point have to save a shot, shoot or pass.  The level of play at the top is so fast and accurate it is impossible for one person to do all the work.
Q: What was it like to compete in the RLCS Season 3?
A: RLCS Season 3 was a bit of a mess for me.  I had no team one day before the signups.  I joined a team with Yukeo and Ertunc in the last three hours before signups.  We made it through the first qualifier and got through to the losers semi where we lost to PENTA.  I was happy with the outcome considering we had no practice and were a last minute signup.  It shows how much practice and team working you need to get to the RLCS.
Q: Was there anything specifically you walked away with that you applied when going into Season 4?
A: One thing I knew for certain was to get a team early and work to improve from our losses.  This is when I joined Tylacto and Continuum, still quite late into the season.  We worked hard as a team and were open to what we each thought was wrong; watching replays, sharing ideas and just playing whatever we could in the time we had.  I had no intention to get at this level, as I said at the beginning.  All you need to do is have good people around you (teammates especially), work hard and commit 100%.
Q: What can everyone expect to see from you in the coming months?
A: My aim for the coming months will mainly be on the team and to perform well in RLRS.  The aim is definitely top 2 and nowhere else.  Which is realistic, seeing as I think we have a chance at getting back into RLCS with some work.  I’m still setting up on twitch and as soon as everything is sorted with overlays and all the settings.  I will try streaming to see how it goes. I will be posting on twitter before I stream just to let people know.
Q: Where can people find you online?
A: You can find me on Steam playing under FlamE, or watch me stream on Thanks.

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