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WorldGaming eSports Professional Caster Profile: Momo

28 Feb , 2018  

Ahead of the WorldGaming Call of Duty: WII Canadian Championship Finals on March 3rd and 4th, we spoke the casters and analysts of the event for an introduction.

Written By: Steve Vegvari

Philip “Momo” Whitfield is an accomplished caster for the Call of Duty World League and MLG.  Formerly, a competitive Call of Duty player, Momo spent some time playing on Aware Gaming and Team Infused. Since that time, Momo has left his home to work full time in the States for CWL.

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Q: Tell us a little about yourself.

A: My name is Philip Whitfield aka Momo. I am 25 years old and an ex-professional European Call of Duty player-turned caster.  Yes, I am British and love “soccer” and pretty much fit the stereotype of a British 25 year old.  I live, love and breath Call of Duty!

Q: How did you initially get into eSports?

A: I started by playing Call of Duty back in 2007 and ever since haven’t looked back.  I didn’t fulfil my dreams as a player as to be honest, I was not good enough.  However, I followed in my brother’s footsteps and became a caster.  It has changed my life and I find myself now living and working in America full time and travelling the world.  I could not be happier!

Q: What pulled you into the role of a caster?

A: When I quit playing, my brother was a caster and offered me a spot on the talent team as they were in need.  I thought “Why the hell not?” and gave it a shot.  People seemed to enjoy what I said and how I was and I really started to enjoy this different angle of esports/Call of Duty.

Q: Has there been an influence that helped define your mannerisms, tone, demeanour, etc while casting?

A: Honestly, I have always just been myself and tried to improve my grammar along the way.  I actually struggled in school with words.  It sucked so that was a huge goal for me and looked up to other casters such as Puckett.

Q: What is the most crucial aspect a caster must keep an eye out for during a game?

A: I don’t feel there is one single thing however always to focus on delivering a story in the best and most accurate way.  Also DON’T BE BIASED!

Q: What are you looking forward to the most from the Call of Duty Finals?

A: I have never been to Canada and watched from home last time.  The crowd seemed so freaking fun!  I am looking forward to meeting new people, having fun and seeing some great Call of Duty action!

Q: In regards to the eight qualifying teams; are there any wild cards or players we should be keeping an eye on?

A: There are some definite front runners.  However, I am looking closely at Complexity and particularly watching Felo after picking up for Splyce in the CWL Pro League

Q: Besides the WorldGaming Call of Duty Finals, do you have any other events planned?

A: I recently joined the MLG Squad so Im looking forward to all of the CWL action and events such as Birmingham, Seattle and many more!

Q: Where can people find you online?

A: You can find me online on most social platforms under the name  Also on Instagram and Youtube as PhilWhi7.  If you want to get personal and go to Snapchat and add me there too as PhilWhi7snap.

Get your tickets to the COD: WWII Canadian Championship Finals

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About The Author: Steve Vegvari

Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario.  His enthusiasm and adoration of the video game industry go back to the days of SNES.  Find him on Twitter and join in on the escapades.
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