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Congratulations to TORQUED for winning the CS:GO Canadian Championship

24 Sep , 2017  

After weeks of online qualifiers and two days of intense gameplay in our National Finals we are proud to announce TORQUED as the winners of the CS:GO Canadian Championships.

Written By: Steve Vegvari

After months of fierce competition, the CS:GO Canadian Championship Series came to a head. WorldGaming held the finals at the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto, Ontario this past weekend. The two day event brought the eight qualifying Canadian teams and pitted them against each other over a two day event. The winner walked away with the title of Champion and a pool of $25,000. Tournament setup was a 5v5, best of 16 elimination match. Read more in our WorldGaming CounterStrike: Global Offensive Canadian Championship Series Recap.

The national finals were accompanied by eSports analysts and casters: Connor Girvan, Evan Patrao, Keith Lafortune, Alex Nguyen and Garret Banbrough. Each giving proper insight into the individual players and a breakdown of each match. Casters that manned the stage gave some incredible commentary and banter during each match. Finally, WorldGaming’s RePlay host Jakyo Manor held numerous interstitials between the matches to hold some amazing raffles and introductions for the live audience to Cineplex’s TimePlay.

Day one opened up with Torqued facing Mostly Harmless. In what could only be described as a tug-of-war match. Torqued showed some relentless force during the first 10 rounds of the match. Over time, they began to lose some steam, which Mostly Harmless took advantage of and came back in full swing. Ultimately, it brought the match into double overtime with Torqued taking the first win of the day.

Cruxie’s Farmers went against We Make History for the second match of the day. Once again, the two teams seemed evenly matched and managed to hold their own all the way into overtime. Cruxie’s Farmers scathed by with a two round lead earning them the victory. This victory lead to them going up against SapphireKelownaDotCom.

SetToDestroyX played Alberta Legends for the first time offstage. STDX were unable to gain their footing and fell into the losing bracket and went on to tackle Mostly Harmless. Hungry for a win, STDX took a strong 16-3 win in the first match and another strong second match ending in a 16-4 victory. This loss meant Mostly Harmless would be the first team knocked out of the national finals.

We Make History remained on the main stage to face Team Hyper! The first map lead to an aggressive takedown of Team Hyper! This same aggression continued to the second map. We Make History never let up and it worked in their favour. We Make History went on to face Cruxie’s Farmers, while Team Hyper! got bumped out of the tournament.

Winners Alberta Legends and Torqued made their way to the stage. Torqued secured their place in Semi-Finals on day two with a win of 16-4 over Alberta Legends. This loss meant Alberta Legends would face STDX for a rematch in the Loser Finals. This being STDX’s first match on the main stage they didn’t pull any punches during their first Best of Three map. The second map continued the trend of hard hitting STDX plays. Eventually, Alberta Legends gained their momentum and overtook STDX’s lead to win the second map. The Best of Three match came to a head on Cobblestone, where the pressure was on; in a tense last match up STDX was able to secure their place as the final qualifier for the Semi Final bracket the next day.

Day two is where the meat of the event was experienced. Only four teams remained: Torqued, We Make History, SapphireKelownaDotCom and SetToDestroyX. These four teams fought valiantly over the last few months to get here. It was a testament to how prolific each player is behind the keyboard and mouse to have landed a spot in the Semi Final bracket. A handful of wins separated them from the title and the grand prize.

Elimination was now set up in a Best of Three match. Torqued versus We Make History opened the second day. Cache was the first map selected and it looked like Torqued would take the map. It wasn’t until We Make History made onto the Terrorist side that they were able to stand their ground. Unfortunately, the late comeback wasn’t enough to win the map. Overpass was the second map selected, and again We Make History couldn’t find an opening big enough to push Torqued off their feet.

Second up was SetToDestroyX playing SKDC. Both teams had very aggressive matches the prior day and it was a meeting of two dynamic forces. Round after round there was no clear frontrunner. SKDC has a more defensive mindset and it paid off on Cobblestone. Walking into Overpass, it looked like STDX had the advantage since they have had many good plays on this map. However, SKDC cleaned up as the first half solely belonged to the team. Somehow, STDX was able to retain enough pressure to win nine consecutive rounds and secure a lead. With increased pressure on both teams each round was back and forth. In the end SKDC would go on to compete against Torqued in the finals.

Partnered sponsor Snakmandoo hosted a one match interstitial before the finals kicked off. Garret Banbrough, Alex Nguyen, and Conner Girvan rose from their casting chairs and reclaimed their esteemed CS:GO roles. Playing alongside CS community members @Watchgames, thefengdao and Steel. It was a nice break of levity on the tail end of this massive tournament. It also gave Torque’s Steel a healthy outlet to practice with no repercussions.

At long last it was time for the Grand Final match. On one side of the stage sat Torqued, the Toronto based team filled by Steel, Dallas, 4Shot, A2Z, and Monte. On the other end sat SKDC. Hailing from Calgary, Dsr, noone, els, OCEAN, and Laski. Both team had worked tirelessly and were put through the wringer to make it to the finals.

As the match got underway Torqued clearly had the upper hand. Operating on Inferno, SKDC could not recover from the six consecutive losses they faced. As the team grasped to gain any advantage, it would be to no avail. Torqued had taken the first match 16-2.

Than something unforeseen approached. The second match was held on Mirage. This being the first time the map had been selected during the tournament threw a wrench in analyst’s and audience’s expectations of how this match would end. Neither team could seem to make a breakaway and get enough of a lead. Each round had the room go silent as Torqued and SKDC were only a few point apart at any given stage. In some sort of Hail Mary fashion, SKDC brought it together with a 16-14 split and forced a third match from Torqued.

With both teams regrouped and honing in on their set strategies, they were out for blood. Once again the back and forth could be seen during the first half. It wasn’t until Torqued landed themselves on the CT side that they were able to gain enough momentum and place pressure on SKDC. During the last round, Monte exhibited some extraordinary skill taking down 3/5 of the opposing team and ensuring that Torqued would take the game.

Throughout the weekend, Torqued showed their prowess of the game. They knew exactly when to tweak their strategies and maintain their economy in order to accomplish what they set out to do. Their demonstration of skill and logic meant they walked away with their name on the WorldGaming trophy, title of Canadian Series Champion and a prize pool of $25,000.

Each team demonstrated enough proficiency to make it to the stage. All eight qualifiers deserved the recognition they received from community members and the audiences in the auditorium and watching live on the WorldGaming Twitch stream. Together with the members of the production team, and casters, they put on a spectacular summer Championship Series.

Keep an eye on WorldGaming for the next Canadian Championship Series!

This weekend we held the Regional Finals for the WorldGaming CS:GO Canadian Championship Series at 7 theatres across Canada. Congratulations goes out to all of our winners!

Ottawa1st: Team Hyper!
2nd: Team Issues
3rd: Legit Silver
Toronto1st: Torqued
2nd: LiveOn3
3rd: Raijin
4th: Fenrir
Oakville1st: Cruxie’s Farmers
2nd: Tall Bois
3rd: Kyros Cloud
4th: Team Whiff
Winnipeg1st: Mostly Harmless
2nd: TrueNorth
3rd: EzPz
Calgary1st: subtLe
2nd: Evolocity
3rd: AB Busters
Edmonton1st: Alberta Legends
2nd: Eco Cobras
3rd: Naffix
4th: Omnific
Vancouver1st: We Make History
2nd: Glockoma
3rd: Buddha Blasters

Check out these CS:GO Pro Tips sponsored by Snakmandoo.

Congrats to all of our winners from our second CS:GO Online Qualifiers!


SeedQualifierTeam NameRoster
1Ottawa ALegendsMar1O
2Ottawa ATeam Hyper!Daemos
1Oakville Acruxie's farmerscruxie
2Oakville ATall BoisDrSkelly
1Calgary ATeAmNaMeSFr3z
2Calgary ADivine 5jM[c]`_
1Vancouver Ad00mg00nzLAMBDADBMAL
2Vancouver AWasted Talentinsaniec


Here’s what happened after this weekend’s first CS:GO Online Qualifiers:

SeedQualifierTeam NameRoster
1Montreal ADistrict 7StrongLegs
2Montreal ASetToDestroyXtiz-
vEz 4 Marissa
1Toronto ARAIJINphantoons
2Toronto AFENRIRlando™
1Winnipeg AMostly Harmlessiannn 😀
2Winnipeg AGorilla CorecoguBR
1Edmonton AAlberta Legendsphnx.
2Edmonton AECO COBRAS1whit

This summer, let WorldGaming fill your summer days with the Counter Strike: Global Offensive Canadian Championship Series. From August 12th – September 24th WorldGaming will be hosting a number of tournaments all leading up to the National Finals and a grand prize of $25,000. Read more in our overview of the Counter Strike: Global Offensive Canadian Championship Series.

Registration begins July 20th, so gather your team to compete in one of Valve’s most successful games on Steam. With more than 8 Million daily concurrents, this tournament will seek out the best of the best in North America. Pitting them against each other for the chance to walk away with one of the prizes out of the $90,000 pool.

Join The CS:GO Canadian Championship Series


Counter Strike: Global Offensive has planted its roots in building a community of competitive players for the iconic FPS franchise. Since 2012, Valve has continued to support the platform. Giving players incentives to keep coming back with new maps, skins, and game modes.

Fierce competition brews as Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist teams face each other in a variety of game modes. Deathmatch is now a standard in any FPS game, where teams must kill or be killed using any weapon set of their choosing.

Another iconic game type is Bomb Defusal. Terrorists must protect their ticking timebombs while the Counter-Terrorist team work against the clock to defeat the enemy team and defuse the bomb before the match’s end.

Internet culture has helped bring the title to the pinnacle of its popularity. Popular on YouTube and the Twitch streaming service, content creators can rally their fans when showcasing their trickshots and unlocking weapon crates for rare skins.

Join The CS:GO Canadian Championship Series

Whether you are a veteran of the game, or think you and your squad have what it takes, register for the Online Qualifiers. Rise through the ranks to come to Toronto, Ontario on September 23rd and 24th for the National Finals and the title of Canadian Champion team!

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