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LG UltraGear Presents WGN Strategy Academy: Vainglory’s Anka and Update 3.5 Details

14 Sep , 2018  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

Vainglory’s recent patch not only seeks to balance items and gameplay, but brings a few quality of life changes.  Additionally, a brand new character in the form as a deadly assassin is available.

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Vainglory’s patch Update 3.5 introduces Anka, an melee focused assassin.  For players that prefer to engage in close combat, look no further.  Anka is a very offensive based character and can easily overwhelm her opponents as long as you take advantage of her moveset.

Anka comes fully loaded with the Gythian Promise as her heroic perk.  Her execute strike allows her basic attack to deal extra crystal damage depending on how much health her opponent is missing.  Execute Strike can be performed every eight seconds, with each successful kill resetting the cooldown.

As for Anka’s abilities, her A-move is Shimmer Blade.  Upon activation, Shimmer Blade will seek out an enemy within the area of effect.  The player can reactivate it upon contact, teleporting Anka to her enemy and deal a significant amount of additional damage.

Anka’s second ability is Dance of Blades which propels a cone of five blade damaging any enemy it contacts.  The closer the enemy, the more damage dealt.  After the first blade hits, every subsequent blade adds an additional 50% damage.

Last but not least is Mirage, Anka’s third ability.  When the player activates Mirage, Anka will teleport to her destination and divide into three clones.  These clones act as a confusion mechanism to her opponent and each will deal a significant amount of damage.

All in all, when a player is able to perform a A-B-C combo, the result is very powerful.  Players should attempt to use this combo and get behind the target.  Landing all three attacks in succession deals an overwhelming amount of damage without giving the opponent room to defend itself.

Camp, Items, and Character Balances

Double Minion, Weapon Treant, Crystal Treant, Healing Treant, and Gold Oak Camps all spawn at the exact same time, and the respawn time is now metered to two minutes flat.  However, the initial spawn time is lowered to 50 across the board.

A large number of characters are re-balanced in the new update.  Notably, Kensei’s Loctus Strike is slightly reduced for 50/50/50/50/60%.  While Grace’s bugged Weapon Ratio has been fixed and now sits at 15%.

Lyra, of whom is considered an overpowered character within the meta has 3% of her Health Ratio decreased.  Kinetic’s Max Kinetic talent is greatly reduced down to 30% from the former 100%.

It is encouraged to take a look at your main’s stats and make sure to optimize strategies accordingly based on the changes detailed in the patch notes.  Take a look at the in-game pop up detailing more of the character and item changes.

In terms of items, a small amount are balanced with price and power in mind.  Both Kinetic, Light Shield and Light Armor cost 300 gold to purchase. Whereas the Coat of Plates now cost 500.  These changes reduce the gap between short term defense purchases and long term strategies. The difference of 200 gold spent on Light Armor can be saved and spent on Coat of Plates resulting in a additional 40 armor boost.  Whereas offensive weapons such as Poisoned Shiv and Tornado Trigger are effected only be damage output an speed.

Additional Features and Changes

Players can now use a Share Button during the end-of-game screen to take a screenshot of the results.  Within the game’s menu system, players can upload their screenshots to their preferred social media platform.

A brand new Kestrel skin is available to unlock in ranked.  Any player participating in ranked during the summer season can now unlock a undisclosed skin for Kestrel upon achieving the Credible Threat Bronze title.

For players who have a nasty habit of not accepting a match, a new pop-up appears on screen.  The Dodge Penalty pop-up serves as a stark reminder of how many total points the player lost due to abandoning the match.

A number of bugs and performance issues have been patched. Players can now lock the camera with a click of a button as well as adjust the zoom on screen. Kinetic is now properly categorized as a Ranged hero. Kinetic’s buff icon display is now fixed as well.

Vainglory has done a remarkable job updating the game and continually takes community feedback to heart.  As Vainglory continues into their summer season, it will be important to take note of meta changes and additional characters that come.

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About The Author: Steve Vegvari

Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario.  His enthusiasm and adoration of the video game industry go back to the days of SNES.  Find him on Twitter and join in on the escapades.


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