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WGN Strategy Academy: Vainglory Beginner Class Guide

5 Oct , 2018  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

If you are new to Vainglory, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed when looking at the hero selection.  Over 30 characters with different traits and abilities.  How does one choose from so many?

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We’re going to break it down by the different hero classes in order to help you find a hero within your playstyle.  Finding a hero you can be comfortable playing will undoubtedly help you become a better player in the beginning stages.

There are five different hero classes you can choose from.  The classifications of each should be fairly familiar to you.  Some are catering to long distance engagements, while others are best utilized for close combat.  Finding a hero class boils down to how you are comfortable playing the game.


The warrior class is the most well-rounded class for players who do not mind getting their hands dirty.  Warriors are most efficient in close combat fights.  The warrior’s damage output and defense are very balanced, meaning players do not have to be afraid of pushing on their opponents.

Many players consider the warrior to be the “initiator”.  They typically push towards the enemy and apply pressure while long distance heroes engage from afar.

Players looking to jump into a Warrior class should look no further than Grumpjaw, Churnwalker, Tony, Joule, Alpha, Glaive, Rona, and Krul.


Mage characters is your long distance class in Vainglory.  As should be expected, mage characters specialize in magic.  Players looking to main as a mage should often keep at a distance and look for opportunities to strike multiple enemies at once.  The bulk of the mage’s damage stem from their abilities.  The mage has the power to damage enemies with a large area of effect.

However, this power comes at a price.  Mage characters are very weak.  Being surrounded by enemy forces is a situation you do not want to be found in.

If long distance combat is more your style, try out Samuel, Malene, Varya, Kinetic, Baptiste, Reim, Skarrf, and Celeste.


The sniper is another long distance class.  As with a mage, it is best to stay at a distance.  The major difference between the sniper and mage is the sniper is best when focused on one enemy.  The sniper deals the most damage from its basic attack, and the damage output is deadly.

Similar to the mage, snipers have very low defense stats.  Snipers are quick heroes and are best to accompany healers or avoid getting caught in high populated areas of the map.

If you feel comfortable engaging in fast-paced action from a far, try SAW, Vox, Petal, Gwen, Baron, Ringo, Skye, and Kestrel.


Vainglory’s protector class heroes are a very versatile bunch.  Protectors can either be used as front-line defense or to survey the area ahead of mages and snipers.  Many players consider protectors as the tank class.  They are able to withstand a lot of damage while doling out there own power against the opponent next to the warrior.

Some may find protectors to be better off floating around the map.  Protectors are able to assist teammates in need of defense or health in a number of engagements.  Be sure to check out the stats of each protector as a few heroes are better healers than tanks.

When purchasing items from the shop, be sure to keep an eye out for support items. Protectors such as Fortress, Lorelai, Grace, Lance, Phinn, Flicker, Lyra, Ardan, Catherine, and Adagio will utilize these the most.


Finally, the assassin is the last hero class.  Assassins, like warriors are best used in close combat situations against opponents.  While the assassin lacks in defense, their one-on-one damage output is high.

Assassins are great for players looking for quick engagements with enemies.  Assassins have great speed stats and can deliver burst attacks.  They are often utilized in the jungle and pick off opponents one by one. Although, choosing the appropriate time to engage is crucial.

If assassin heroes sound like your thing, check out Reza, Anka, Blackfeather, Ozo, Kensei, Taka, Idris, and Koshka.

Overall, Vainglory offers a lot of choices for player.  Depending of the preferred playstyle, you can begin to hone in on exactly which hero best suits your style.

You can either play online matches with other players while testing out each hero.  Alternatively, you may play against bots in a low-stakes match until you find your hero of choice.

From there, begin to figure out the roles your hero is best suited for.  Vainglory has a lot to offer in terms of strategy.  Taking the necessary steps to becoming acclimated with each hero and you will see more successful matches.

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About The Author: Steve Vegvari

Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario.  His enthusiasm and adoration of the video game industry go back to the days of SNES.  Find him on Twitter and join in on the escapades.

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