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WGN Strategy Academy: How To Utilize Each Specialist In Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

27 Nov , 2018  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

There are a whopping ten Specialists to choose from in Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.  Each Specialist comes with their own equipment and ability suited for a number of different uses.

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As with any multiplayer game that offers a hero/class-based system, each Specialist comes with their own advantages and disadvantages.  Learning how to utilize each ability will put you one step ahead of the competition.

Some Specialists are well rounded and can excel in a number of circumstances and different game modes.  While others require a little more creativity.

First up, we’ll go over Ajax.  His Ballistic Shield is best used when pushing into an enemy contented objective in Hardpoint, Domination, etc.  He is able to take the brunt of the incoming damage, while your teammates can support him from the rear.  While he won’t be able to use his sights, Ajax can deal a bit of damage and act as a reflector.

Be warned though, Ajax’s shield can only protect from the fire at his front.  His shield leave him vulnerable from the back and his sides. For this reason, I do not recommend the use of Ajax when playing TDM or Kill Confirmed.  Enemies are too likely to flank the player before any defensive measures can be placed.

Prophet comes packed with the electrifying Tempest rifle.  The Tempest is perfect when pushing towards an objective and incapacitating a small group of enemies.  Prophet is able to stun a group swarmed together with one shot.  Have teammates clean up while Prophet keeps an eye on entry points.

Prophet’s Tempest rifle will help out in individual engagements.  However, it is best to set yourself up to take down a larger group of enemies at once.  Prophet’s range allows the player to set up in vantage points and scout groups of enemies.

Nomad is a well-rounded Specialist.  He is able to deploy a K9 unit that will kill enemies in one hit, up to three times.  There really is not a wrong time to use Nomad’s ability.  Whether you are playing an objective-based game or itching for a few additional kills, Nomad can chip away enemies on the field within seconds.

Be aware, the K9 unit offers two separate modes.  The follow-mode will task you K9 unit to follow you and attack nearby enemies, where protect-mode will allow you to place a beacon and the K9 will guard that area.  Protect-mode is perfect for setting near a bombsight in S&D when you want to survey an area but leave some defence for the bomb site.

Ruin is another Specialist that offers a great ability when used at the right time and place.  The Grav Slam technique he possesses is best used when pushing towards a group of enemies within a small radius.  Ruin is also one of the few Specialists that has an ability best chained with the equipment.  Shooting his grapple gun to get the height advantage and coming down with his Slam will undoubtedly catch more than a few opponents off guard.

Battery is another all-utility Specialist.  There is not a game mode where her ability is not handy.  Her War Machine grenade launcher is a perfect tool for clearing out a building or a choke point.  Players using Battery should attempt to hit enemies directly as it will register as a one-hit-kill.  If you do need more spread, shoot the grenade onto any surface near the enemy for less damage, but it will have a larger AOE.

If you’re putting in time with either Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, or Control, then Crash’s Tak-5 ability is essential.  When the Tak-5 is used it will instantly heal each teammate while adding two additional blocks of health as buffs.  While the health regeneration is great when the team is facing the incoming fire, the real benefit is the buff.  The extra health could be what turns the table during a firefight and give your team the advantage.

Playing objective based games, Torque is a great go-to for adding a level of defence.  His barricade, when placed on the ground creates a field of microwave waves that will in turn damage enemies and slow their movement.  Torque is able to create choke points, or leverage established choke points for his team.  However, Torque is not the greatest asset when on the offensive or when playing TDM.

No matter which mode you’re playing, knowing the location of the opponent is key.  That’s where Recon comes in.  Recon’s Vision Pulse is a manually deployed short-term UAV.  Once activated, Recon is able to reveal the locations of the enemy’s whereabouts to you and your teammates.  Perfect for any situation.

Firebreaker’s Purifier, is a powerful flamethrower.  The Purifier ability is a handy one regardless of pursuing one-on-one engagements or pushing towards a large group within a building.  The Purifier offers a limited supply of ammo, so keep that in mind.  However, it will not take a whole lot to defeat the enemy.  While the range is substantial when in close quarter combat, Firebreaker will be vulnerable from a distance.  So manage your time and locations.

Last up is Seraph.  Her Annihilator pistol packs a real punch.  With a limited amount of ammo, the high-powered pistol is able to easily kill enemies, allowing the player to rake in those extra scorestreak points.  Because the Annihilator is a pistol, players should be looking for opportunities to engage within a close distance.  We talked about other Specialists that offer health boosts, or defensive measures; Seraph is a perfect countermeasure.  Her pistol can cut through the enemy defence, but the slow rate of fire and ammo count will limit her usefulness.

As with any competitive multiplayer, it comes down to playing to your own strengths.  Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 gives an assortment of Specialists to choose from.  Each one can be used in a variety of ways, but excel when used for specific roles.  Knowing their roles and becoming familiar is the first step.

The above briefing is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to utilizing the ability of each Specialist’s ability.  Once you play around with when, and where to use your ability, you’ll be able to play around and get a bit more creative.

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About The Author: Steve Vegvari

Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario.  His enthusiasm and adoration of the video game industry go back to the days of SNES.  Find him on Twitter and join in on the escapades.

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