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WGN Strategy Academy: Starcraft II Resource Management Tips and Tricks

28 Sep , 2018  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

A very important aspect of Starcraft II is building economy.  Economy is the fundamental aspect that can make or break any game.

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Craft 2 in WESG 2019

Whether you play competitively or just for fun, having enough resources to build your infantry and expansions will ultimately turn the tide.  90 percent of games will be won by the player who has the most resources.  As with any strategy game, more resources means more opportunities to build. Build enough, and you will have a functioning defensive line and can apply enough pressure to your opponents.

Knowing how to gain minerals at a modest speed will lead to more victories.  Here are a few ways to build you economy.


In order learn how to build economy, it is essential to know the basics of each resource.  There are two different resources you want to focus on –– Minerals and gas.  Minerals are the main currency for building expansions and additional units. Each mineral field will yield five minerals per trip for each unit.

Players should be on the lookout for gold coloured mineral fields as these rich-mineral fields will yield a total of seven minerals per trip.

A Vespene Geyser is the only way to gather gas.  Gas is a precious commodity during the mid-to-late game as many expansions rely on the materials.  Each geyser comes with 5000 units available and once the geyser is depleted, it collapses.


Early on in the match, your main focus is to build a fleet of harvesters.  In Starcraft II, harvesters are your primary unit to gaining resources.  The more you have at your disposal, the greater the reward.  Depending on which faction you are playing as will determine which harvester you use.  For Zerg, drones are the gathering units and Protoss have probes.  Terran use SCVs in the beginning of the match. Terran has the ability to use MULEs during the late game.


Harvesters can be sent out to gather resources.  If the player has good timing, they can build a steady chain to build economy.  Additionally, a good rule of thumb is to build at least 16 harvesters in the early stages of the game.  This will allow the player to send two units to eight different mining fields without saturating the field.

Saturation is a big component in building a successful economy.  Each mineral field can house two harvesters at a time.  Adding any more and you begin to experience saturation.
At two harvesters per mineral field, you can net roughly 810 mineral per minute.  While additional harvesters will net you more economy, the loss of time is not beneficial.  Any additional harvesters will be forced to wait as the preceding drone leaves.  Time is as much of a precious resource as minerals are.  Keeping a steady flow of harvesters is key.

Vespene Geysers work in similar fashion.  A recommended three harvesters will gain roughly 38 units per minute.  Any more and you run into saturation and a loss of time.


As you begin to build your economy, it is essential to spend your resources.  Building expansions is as important as fortifying a decent offense.  Your first base is always built automatically as the match begins in Starcraft II, but need to expand yourself across the map.

After Scouts have surveyed the area, building expansions closer to finite resources will lead to a greater turnover rate.  Expanding to these territories will also dissuade opponents from focusing on those resources.

Counter The Enemies

Finally, you want to stop your opponents from gaining resources.  The most obvious way is to go directly to their base and attack them.  Depending on how far into the match you are, you can take that route and apply enough pressure in order to make them concede.

Alternatively, a early-game approach is to disrupt their harvesting chain.  As previously mentioned, each resource can house a certain amount of harvesters.  Dispatching a harvester of your own to fields taken up by the enemy has a chance of alter their chain.

In the event that the enemy is not paying attention to all of their harvesters, the AI will automatically seek out another field if the first is occupied.  This will not only net you a few extra minerals, but also deplete the opponents funnel and waste seconds, if not minutes unless properly taken care of.

Collecting resources can seem like a simple task.  However, there is much to consider in order to make great use of time and efficiency.  Implementing a few of these tips could lead to a greater victory ratio.

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About The Author: Steve Vegvari

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