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WGN Strategy Academy: Starcraft 2 – How to Launch Your Intergalactic Pro Career

4 Sep , 2018  

By: Matthew Rondina

StarCraft, the classic Real Time Strategy series, centres on a futuristic battle between 3 species locked in a galactic battle for superiority. The factions are the human exiles known as Terrans, insectoid Zerg and finally the technologically advanced Protoss.

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As the player it’s up to you to pick a race, master it and battle the other species into extinction.

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Free to Play

The great news for those looking to explore the StarCraft 2 scene is the game is currently free to play. This will give you a taste of the SC2 multiplayer action along with the Wings of Liberty campaign mode. It’s a great way to test the waters and see if StarCraft is a style of game that you enjoy.

To get on the road to intergalactic supremacy jump on over to and download your free copy for either the PC or Mac platforms.

Real Time Strategy


StarCraft 2 is a Real Time Strategy Game or RTS for short, this style of game puts a lot of emphasis on quick thinking, fast reflexes and exact precision. Think of playing chess but with limited time and the need for resources to make each move, now you are starting to get an idea of what a RTS is like.

The “realtime” in RTS means that there is no “pause” when playing against human opponent(s). If you step away from your computer the match continues to play and the virtual war continues to rage on, whether you are prepared or not.

Resource Management


Once you pick a species to play as you are dropped onto a map with other opponents. You are given starting drones who mine limited resources for you at your main base. These resources are limited so you must be very mindful of how you use them, over or under production of any unit can lead to serious lapses in defence or offence that can cost you the game.

Your main objective is straightforward, you must destroy all your opponent’s main buildings on the map to claim victory.

To do this you must carefully build, defend and attack.

Fog of War


Each game starts with you and your opponent(s) in random positions on the map. You are unable to see their exact position due to blacked out areas or “Fog of War”. These areas will remain covered until you discover them with one of your units. This area will remain visible as long as your unit is still “alive”. It’s important to explore the map to figure out your enemies’ position and expand your resources by claiming additional bases.

Amassing An Army

In StarCraft 2 you will command two types of objects, units and structures. Units consist of people, creatures and vehicles that will help you attack your opponent. Some units are gatherers who continue to help collect resources in order to build new units.

Each unit comes at a cost, and once you start or build a unit it has a specific cool down before you can build the next one.

Keep this in mind because you don’t want to be rushed by an enemy with a significant gap in your forces.

Structures are very important to building the network you need in order to construct many powerful and upgraded units. Most structures are factories, but others provide upgrades to existing units or are defence weapons themselves, like turrets.

Carefully managing these resources, along with balancing what type of attack force you wish to meet your enemy with are keys to victory.

Best of luck on the battlefield, game on!

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