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WGN – Strategy Academy – Starcraft 2 – Terran, Zerg or Protoss?

11 Sep , 2018  

By: Matthew Rondina
In the intergalactic battle for supremacy only one race can emerge victorious in the Starcraft universe. There are a total of 3 races to choose from but each one varies greatly, with their own unique play styles.

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Which one is right for you?
WGN is here to breakdown each race, their strengths, weaknesses and tips on how to get the most out of each on the battlefield.
Terran Race

Renegade humans, known as Terrans, are very resourceful on the battlefield with a plethora of tactical options available to them. They are able to produce units that are middle of the pack in terms of power and survivability. The rugged race has moveable structures that can often escape the crosshairs of enemies and reestablish on other parts of the map for a strategic advantage.
Terran Strategic Advantages
Building a Comsat will provide access to the Scanner Sweep ability. This provides a great advantage with the Terran strategy. This reveals a portion of the map for a period of time, this makes finding key enemy locations very easy with minimal resource cost.
The MULE mining unit will bolster your economy early in the game. This unit drops from the stars above to provide a temporary boost to resource production which can be a game changer.
Intense micro management is needed for the win, but the Terran race is very effective when deployed properly.
The Zerg
starcraft 2 - zerg
The Zerg are a race of horrifying insectoid creatures controlled by a single hive mind, their power comes in numbers. Zerg units are low cost, fragile and expendable, so it’s all about fast growth in numbers to chip away and eventually overwhelm the enemy. If you like to play fast, play Zerg – they are a race that thrives on speed and wide-open battles.
Zerg Strategic Advantages
Larvae Production – The Zerg are born from a system that allows them to spawn almost as fast as they are killed, making their pressure on the enemy unrelenting. Once fully upgraded you can turn out tens of units at time and flood the battlefield with ruthless killing machines.
Creep – This substance grows all around the map if unchecked by your enemy. This will remove the map’s fog of war and give your units a speed boost when traveling on it.
Burrow – The Zerg have the unique ability to bury themselves underground and surprise attack their enemy. This can be countered by your opponent with the vision ability but can be devastating otherwise.
The technologically advanced Protoss are mighty but few, they feature the strongest units of all the races with excellent support craft. A small group of Protoss forces can overwhelm much bigger armies if managed effectively. The downside? They have expensive units that take a long time to produce.
Protoss Strategic Advantages
Warp – Units for the Protoss don’t build or spawn, but warp to the map. This means that a single probe (the basic Protoss construction unit) can warp in multiple structures very fast.
Proxy Pylon – This strategy involves placing a pylon mid map, or near an enemy base to warp-in units at your opponent’s doorstep.
Late Game Wonders – The Protoss take a long time to produce units, but if you can hit the end game with many intact, you will have a great advantage over the other race’s weaker units.
Which race is your main in Starcraft 2? Let us know in the comments below and game on!

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