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WGN – Strategy Academy – Smash Bros. Ultimate Pro Tips

28 May , 2019  

By Matthew Rondina
WGN has tips to help get you on the path to fight like the pros in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. These strategies will drive you to the top of the leaderboards, with a few simple pointers. Let’s get ready to rumble!
One Fighter, To Rule Them All
Pick a main character to play with, and use them for the long haul. I know it might seem like basic knowledge, but the more experience you have with a single fighter the more you’ll know what you can get out of them in challenging matches. Experiment early on with a few characters, but narrow the field as quickly as possible, spreading your training time over dozens of different characters will not allow you to grow your expertise fast enough.

If you feel you’ve mastered one character, experiment with a secondary, but always have one go-to that you know inside-and-out. This is essential to furthering your professional career, it’s better to be a master of one, than none.
Lessons From The Pros
Once you have your main and are regularly practicing with them, make sure to watch a few pros that play with the same character. Studying a more experienced player will have you come away with new strategies, or change how you approach a match. Start with one of the best on the scene (if not the best) Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios who’s recorded 56 + consecutive tournament wins since the Wii U era.
The Best Offence…
As much as Smash is about comboing efficiently and fiercely you also need to shore up your defence. This comes in the form of mastering the Perfect Shield technique, opening up your opponent for a counter attack. The trick is to release your shield right as your opponent attacks, get the timing right and you can even pull off a counter attack on your unsuspecting foe.
We all know that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is like a game of King of the Hill, with a lot more strategy mixed in. It’s absolutely key to control certain parts of the stage via positioning in order to protect yourself and give you the best chance to emerge victorious. The best place to reside is in the centre of the stage, it’s easier to defend and gives the most attack options when confronted by an enemy. Make sure to rapidly move around this area, after all, movement and speed is the key to victory in Smash.

Mix It Up
Keeping your opponents guessing is essential to victory, if they always know what’s coming next they can easily counter you. Make sure you aren’t just spamming attacks and not defending against your opponent as you will end up defeated quickly. Many characters signature moves are tempting to use often, but keep in mind, the more you use them the less damage they do over time. More variety in Smash means a higher damage output, making you are more lethal combatant by mixing up your attacks.
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