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WGN Strategy Academy – PES 19 – Big Gameplay Changes Coming to the Pitch

24 Aug , 2018  

By: Matthew Rondina

Get ready football fans, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is returning to the pitch this year with a slew of improvements and changes to it’s gameplay. This will have a big impact on the pro and amateur scene as it will change attacking and defending fundamentals on the field.

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Keep a leg up on the competition as we take a look at 11 new skill traits and added footie finesse with the improved “Magic Moments” mechanic.

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Gameplay Improvement and Changes

PES 2019 will feature dozens of changes to gameplay and dynamic animations which promise to give the user more control on the field. Firstly, “Magic Moments” makes it’s return with new tweaks and improvements, and will have even more of a focus than past entries in the franchise.

Skill Traits

Konami has revealed that PES 2019 will have 39 skill traits, 11 of which will be brand-new to the series. These traits promise to enhance “player uniqueness” with the inclusion of edge turn, no look pass, control loop, dipping shot and rising shot. Konami hopes to add a new level of skill and strategy to this year’s upgraded offerings.

Image: Konami

From a first gameplay look, it’s important to keep an eye on players’ movement but it’s not entirely telling as to where they might be passing and shooting. The no look pass is especially tricky to counter as a misread could leave serious holes in your defence.

These added traits look to bring realism and authenticity to the game while at the same time injecting a new level of control to your football experience.

Player Movement

Players’ movement will also see some changes on the pitch as attributes such as speed will have greater impact in game situations as more skilled players will separate themselves from the pack.

Another mechanic that will change gameplay this year is visible player fatigue. These on-field visual enhancements to player models look to change the user interface, cutting out the stamina gauge, and putting you closer to the action on the field.

Image: Konami

If you can see one of your players on the pitch is tired, they can now be easily subbed with the streamlined quick sub feature. This will help to speed up the pace of the game as you can make a player swap on the fly and not fiddle with menus and prompts.

Pitch Conditions

The field will look more stunning than ever this year with added 4K HDR support to consoles like the Xbox One X and Playstation 4 Pro. Konami has rolled out the new enlighten global illumination which will make both natural and artificial stadium lighting look even more true to life.

Image: Konami

This year the weather is changing as well, with the return of snow to PES pitches. Not only will this change the look of the stadium significantly but it will also change gameplay as well. Players will visibly struggle in snowier conditions, and ball control will become more difficult so beware when facing an opponent in the winter white.

Good news if you are looking to get an early first touch on all the new changes, Konami has announced a demo is on the way for August 8th, 2018.

The full version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 launches August 28 on Xbox One and PS4 in North America, August 30 on PS4 and Xbox One in Europe, and August 30 on PC worldwide.

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Represent your country and play PES 19 in WESG 2018

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