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WGN Strategy Academy – PES 19 – Advanced Tips Guide – Dominate Your Opponent 

22 Nov , 2018  

By: Matthew Rondina

Pro Evolution Soccer has returned to the pitch this year with more advanced mechanics to give you greater control in building you football legacy.

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pes 2019 power of football

Konami has doubled down on the deeper tactics surrounding the beautiful game, WGN is here to help you dominate your opponent with advanced tips and tricks.

Low Crosses

The best way to stymie defences and create the most potent scoring opportunities is to cross low as often as possible. These fast, low plays are too much for the goaltending AI to compute and if executed properly this gives you the best chance to convert.

Lofted crosses used to set up a header are difficult to execute, and when you do connect they do not have the required velocity to find the back of the net.

You can defend against this same tactic by pressing R1 (Playstation 4) and X (Xbox One) to crowd the winger and increase your chances of blocking the low pass.

Use Passing to Defend A Lead

pes-2019 slide tackle

This year, it’s all about the intricate passing game – especially when protecting or building on a lead.

You might feel the need to play a more explosive end-to-end style of game, but be wary of this tactic as players tire faster than ever in this year’s PES.

Even pushing one forward deep with the ball will leave him exhausted, allowing opponents to pick his pocket easily, and create an odd man counter attack.

To avoid this, rely on quick passing to protect the ball, up your possession and send CPU opponents for a loop.

Double Team on Counter Attacks

One of the best ways to put pressure on opponents during a counter attack is double up on the ball carrier. All you need to do is press Square on PS4 or X on Xbox One and it will send another teammate on the attack against the opponent with the ball.

This will allow you to initiate the primary attack and the added pressure will help you to pull the ball neatly from your opponent.

Variety In Tactics

pes 2019 header

Be sure to experiment with a variety of offensive and defensive tactics to keep both human and computer opponents guessing. If you deploy the same offensive strategy over and over opponents are going to start catching on, and countering your attack.

Add in some variety to your tactics and you’ll have more scoring chances in no time!

Avoid Slide Tackles in the Box

The Slide Tackle should be rarely used especially in the box as it’s almost guaranteed to result in a penalty unless perfectly timed.

Slide tackles can be a game saver, but they can also easily backfire, try to avoid using them. Unless it looks like it’s going to take away a sure goal, never use the move inside your box.

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