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WGN Strategy Academy: (Part 1) CoD Black Ops 4 General Map Guide – Frequency

1 Apr , 2019  

We’re back with our second map guide for the CWL 2019 circuit! In our first we discussed Arsenal, but this time we’re going to  explore Frequency. This is the second of only three maps that are used in all three official competitive game types so it is definitely one you are going to want to be familiar with if you hope to play at the highest level.

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This guide will give you some general tips and tricks to implement into your strategy regardless of the game type you’re playing while part two will dive deeper into specific strategies for you to use on each specific mode. Without further ado let’s hop right in!

An overview of Frequency marked with common enemy locations and potential spawn points

General Strategy

Unlike Arsenal which was more of a square shaped map, Frequency is a long rectangular map that takes quite a while to move from one side to the other. As a result, staying alive is even more important than usual as it can take a long time to get back into the fight and help your team if you are taken down early. It is also far more symmetrical than Arsenal is, making it much easier to learn the overall map strategy and rotations.

Again, most spawns are on the far east and west sides of the map making the majority of the middle a dangerous no-man’s land that requires teamwork and coordination to traverse successfully. The east side of the map is often referred to as the red side with the west being the blue side due to the color of the wall and floor panels as well as the lighting within the bases.

This map has many areas that are covered from above, so be conscious of that fact when selecting the scorestreaks you wish to use. This makes scorestreaks like the Drone Squad and Strike Team even better than normal while Hellstorm, Lightning Strike and Attack Chopper scorestreaks will be harder to utilize effectively.

Frequency is set on a covert listening station within the mountains of the Hunan Province in China. Like most maps in the competitive rotation, it can be divided into three major “lanes” that players will use to traverse the area and create hotspots for the majority of fighting.  


Map Layout

The Middle

The view from the window of the east base overlooking the middle. Note the door to the right that leads to the south entrance and the ladder leading down to the lower hallway.

Let’s start with the middle area. Both teams have bases located in front of their spawn points that serve as entry points to middle of the map and provide access to the south lane that we will discuss next. These bases each have three rooms. The first two are largely used as paths to get to the middle but the third, located on the south side of each base, has a window that can be used to more safely scout the middle area. This is a great place to run to off the start of a match, especially for AR players, to immediately get a sense of who is going where. Just make sure to not get taken down by the player in the opposite window who will be looking to do the same!

Also beware that enemies will often be found in the hallway connecting this south most room of each base to the other rooms and south corridor so be on high alert when going through this space!

A look at the Red Base when entering from spawn. The door leads to the second room and out to the middle while the hallway leads to the south most room with the window!

The middle area itself is a highly exposed open square that provides access to both the north and south lanes. It has no cover from above and players can come from any of the four directions as well as from the hallway underneath making it very risky to traverse alone. While it generally may be the fastest route, you will want to communicate with your team to ensure you can make it through that portion safely. Fail to have proper control before you run through here and you’ll likely be headed straight back to spawn. If you do plan on constantly moving through this portion of the map the Maddox is a great weapon of choice as it allows you to win both long range and close quarter engagements.


The South

The South lane is a long catwalk with a highly covered area in the middle. It is a very common place to find enemies and move towards the fighting as there are fewer places enemies can surprise you. You can head here directly off spawn, move through your base and jump out onto the catwalk or, if you are brave enough, immediately enter the covered middle section from a doorway that is accessed from the middle of the map.

A view of the South lane from the west side. The covered middle area lies directly ahead.

The middle area of this lane is a great place to position yourself to engage enemies trying to push up off their spawn but be weary of players coming from behind you through the aforementioned doorway. It is best to have a second player watching that doorway either from the south middle area, or your team’s respective window to ensure you don’t get taken out from behind. Here you will want weapons with longer lines of sight, so look to utilize ARs. The exception would be if you intend to work as a duo and ensure nobody flanks the middle portion, in which case an SMG can do tremendous damage.


The North

The last area to discuss is the North most lane which can be accessed directly from the spawns, but not from the bases. The only other entry point to this portion of the map comes directly through the middle lane where players can come from either the top or the bottom hallway underneath.

A view of the only long line of sight in the north lane.

This area of the map is highly exposed but again players are less able to surprise you with their positioning due to how few entry points there are. Instead of one long hallway like the south side, this north corridor is comprised of hallways and lots of cover making it ideal for the SMG player on your roster.

The middle portion of this lane connects to a hallway that goes directly underneath the middle of the map and provides two ladders, on the east and west side, to move up to the middle of the map. Players can attack here by going down the ladders and through the hallway, coming directly over the top through middle and dropping down or from their respective bases.

A view of the underground hallway. Note the ladders on both sides leading up to the middle and the midpoint of the north lane directly ahead.

This is the least action filled lane of the three under normal circumstances due to its isolation, however when an objective is placed here this can be extremely action packed and the cover and hallways make it extremely up close and personal. Make sure your SMG skills are on point!


Watch the GRAND FINALS of the CoD:BO4 Championship Series on Twitch


Specialist Recommendations

Again due to the current restrictions many competitive teams will elect to run Recon, Crash, Ruin and Battery almost every game. Again Prophet also sees substantial play despite not being able to use his specialist equipment due to how effective his Tempest Rifle is at holding down longer lines of sight. If you elect to go this route just make sure you are sticking to the middle and south side of the map where that long range can be utilized to full effect.


That wraps up the first part of this guide for Frequency! Check back for Part II where we will cover some strategies and setups that you can use to your advantage on each of the three game types Frequency is played on competitively.



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