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WGN Strategy Academy: Mastering Mid-Range Hearthstone Deck Archetype

20 Aug , 2018  

This article was contributed to by Legend Player Denny “IBMYOU” Park.

Ah the Mid-Range deck. One of the best for new players learning the game and made especially for those who prefer the quick and dirty slugfest over the more long and drawn out technical match. As the name of the decks suggest, successfully executing these decks means victories will often come by the 10 turn mark or at least be very clear by then. Games which are still highly contested after that point generally turn into losses.

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We will discuss the general strategy of how to use the many Mid-Range decks that have existed throughout the history of Hearthstone so that you can apply that knowledge to whatever Mid-Range deck is currently the most powerful. This should help you learn the fundamentals of Hearthstone while also picking up quite a few easy and quick wins in the process. For a detailed guide on a Mid-Range deck in the meta at the time of writing this article, check out our piece on how to use the Odd-Paladin deck.

For Mid-Range decks to succeed they need to develop an early lead and push that advantage as hard as possible right up until the finish. What this translates into in literal terms, is establishing board control by having a deck filled with minions you can begin to play beginning on turn one. Then maintaining that control through smart and efficient trades with the opponent’s minions..

As a quick example, you have 5/1 and 1/2  minions on the board and your opponent ends their turn with a 1/1 on  the board. While you want to attack the enemy hero as often as possible with Mid-Range decks, in this instance the smartest move is to use your 1/2  minion to kill your opponent’s 1/1 without losing a single minion of your own. Were you to attack their hero with both of your minions, your opponent could kill your minion with 5 attack, removing a significant threat and damage source.

This situation was very simple, however decisions about trading versus attacking the enemy hero directly will arise often with these decks and will often prove far more complicated than the scenario above. This is why these decks are so extraordinary for introducing new players to the fundamentals of the game and helping them quickly learn the basics.

Taking these decks from great to incredible however, requires more patience. As the strategy is fairly obvious for your opponent executing these decks perfectly requires you to develop an understanding of each hero class and the cards they will typically have that can impede your victory. Learning what unique tools each class is bringing to the table based on the current meta, you can begin to predict what cards you will see from your opponent. Once you know what types of answers they might have for your onslaught of minions, you can begin to figure out ways to minimize the effectiveness of their counters.

This is the second reason these Mid-Range decks are so wonderful for new players. Mastering trading will provide them with early success, but they will need to accrue game knowledge in order to take these decks to the highest ranks of play. The quick games these decks offer allow players to get in more games and therefore see more unique situations than classic Control, Combo or Attrition decks. As a result, these decks can accelerate a player’s overall learning curve of both the fundamentals and the game itself.

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Players looking to pick up one of these decks should begin with the Paladin or Hunter classes, which are the two heroes best suited for running Mid-Range decks. To build your own, check out some websites dedicated to the current Hearthstone meta such as TempoStorm to see which Mid-Range decks are currently most popular in the meta. From there follow one of our guides or the guides on that site to build your own Mid-Range deck and cause mayhem in taverns everywhere.

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