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WGN Strategy Academy – Madden 19 – Top 5 Elite Wide Receivers

26 Sep , 2018  

by:Matthew Rondina
World Gaming is here to breakdown the top 5 Wide Receivers (WRs) in Madden 19, giving you the ultimate edge come game day.

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One of the biggest offensive weapons on the field is the Quarter Back and an effective Wide Receiver, luckily there is a lot of talent to go around in Madden 19. We’ll be looking at the best of the best to help you dial up your passing attack and shred your opponent’s defence.
1. Antonio Brown – OVR 99 – Pittsburgh Steelers
Awareness 99
Speed 92
Acc 93
Agility 98
Strength 54

AB is one of the greatest wide receivers in the history of the game, not only does he rank first overall in Madden 19 he is part of exclusive Club 99. To add to all of these accolades, he is also the official face of Madden 19 as the cover athlete:

Brown has a 99 rating in both Catch and Catch in Traffic with a 98, meaning if you get the ball near him he’s going to pluck it out of the air in superhuman fashion. He also sports a 99 Ball Carrier Vision along with 97 Elusiveness, translating into him being the most dynamic WR in Madden 19.
2. Julio Jones – OVR 98 – Atlanta Falcons
julio jones
(Image: EA Sports)
Awareness 99
Speed 93
Acc 92
Agility 96
Strength 78

Jones slots in as the second best wide receiver in the game, with a stat line that is built to shred defensive lines. He even has a WR best 75 Trucking and 84 Stiff Arm, and depending on his performance this season will challenge AB #1 spot.
Jones in combination with Matt Ryan are a powerhouse duo, along with a retooled offensive, show a lot of promise this season to go far.
3. Odell Beckham Jr. – OVR 95 – New York Giants
Awareness 95
Speed 94
Acc 94
Agility 98
Strength 49

OBJ is the fastest WR in the game with an explosive 94 Speed and his 98 Agility allows him to slip through the defensive line with ease. The maestro of clutch catches also features a 99 Spectacular Catch rating, so he’ll be hitting the highlight reel often.
Check out OBJ’s full stat line here.
4. DeAndre Hopkins – 94 OVR – Houston Texans
(Image: EA Sports)
Awareness 92
Speed 92
Acc 93
Agility 92
Strength 66

Hopkins fights tooth and nail for every catch he makes and this is reflected in his position leading 96 Catch in Traffic. He also leads WRs with 81 Carrying locking down those big catches with very little chance of fumbling.
5. A.J. Green – 93 OVR – Cincinnati Bengals
Awareness 98
Speed 90
Acc 89
Agility 94
Strength 72

Green is the tallest player in Madden 19’s top 5 elite WRs but that comes with a trade off of speed loss. His power and height mean he’s got the reach advantage over a lot of players, this is highlighted in his 98 Spectacular Catch and 95 Catch in Traffic ratings.
Always keep a close eye on WRs overall numbers as the season progresses, as they are updated weekly.
What do you think of Madden 19’s Wide Receiver selections? Let us know in the comments below, game on!

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