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WGN Strategy Academy – Madden 19 – Big Gameplay Changes Coming to the Gridiron

17 Aug , 2018  

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In the meantime, learn about all the gameplay changes in Madden NFL 19 below.

Written By: Matthew Rondina

Huddle up and get ready for an all new season of Madden! Gameplay changes introduced this year look to give you greater control in building your football legacy, but will require you to revise parts of your playbook. Let’s review some plays to get you game day ready!

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Real Player Motion (RPM)
This gives you greater control to execute cuts and use running lanes like never before. This really ups the level of realism and options for you when on the offensive. Real Player Motion, or RPM, will also introduce more physics into the gameplay like locomotion, meaning that your player’s weight and built up running momentum will have an impact on the play, instead of falling or moving the same way every time.
These new player physics changes can also create pockets of weakness on defence so beware; opponents can move in a far more dynamic range of motion this season. This new range of movement significantly raises the unpredictability factor in each offensive or defensive play, get ready for some exciting football!

One Cut
The new “One Cut” action allows players explosive acceleration, and the ability to make pinpoint cuts to break through defensive lines. This is achieved with the left stick along with the press of the sprint button to explode out of your cut.
This adds more variety to your running game instead of just holding sprint and weaving around the field, there are far more nuances to how you run, and the player doing the running also factors into gameplay now.
The player’s physique now impacts how quickly they move, bigger taller players will take bigger strides, where smaller players will take more steps, but move a lot faster and cut harder.
madden-19-screen-rpm 2
It’s great that players will now have the option to manually move through, and create unique open field moves that could be game changers. If you have a big streaming following, this new mechanic should create more “highlight reel” moments for your audience.
This looks to add a greater level of realism, and unpredictability, yet to be seen in a Madden game.
Hit The Hole
This new mechanic allows your ball carrier to traverse through clusters of opponents, instead of coming up against a random hit box and stumbling or falling to the ground. In Madden 19 you can now manually guide your player through the gap, causing far more dynamic, true to life action.
Push The Pile
You’ll be able to fight for every inch on the field this year as players now have the ability to “Push The Pile.” This allows you to push blockers instead of needing to constantly maneuver around them. In Madden 18 we are used to running into a group of opponents causing our player to crumple to the ground, in Madden 19 things are changing.
Instead of cutting left or right you now have a third “tough as nails” option to push through the blocker.
Player weight, overall speed and momentum will factor in this season like never before. Many new and veteran players might not be aware of this fact, so use it to your advantage early in the season.
Madden NFL 19 is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or on the go with the Android or iOS companion app. The big news this year is Madden makes it’s return to the PC platform.
Let us know what Real Player Motion changes will make the biggest impact on your play in the comments below, game on!
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About the Author: Matthew Rondina
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