WGN Strategy Academy: Hearthstone Hero Guide – Piloting Priest

22 Feb , 2019  

The New Year is always a time for taking on new challenges and learning new things, so why not add an additional Hearthstone Hero to your repertoire?

Piloting Priest can be a slightly daunting class for newer players to learn to use due to the natural affinity for the hero to gravitate towards longer games. Much like the Mage, Priest excels in slow control based matches.

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Armed with powerful late game minions, spells, and many cards that synergize with the Priest’s passive, these deck variants can be very aggravating for opponents to deal with.  If that style of play sounds appealing to you then Priest is definitely a class worth exploring.

This guide will go over some of the most powerful cards and strategies that the Priest has at their disposal to restore righteousness to the board.


Hero Power

The Priest has a very unique Hero power called Lesser Heal. It allows a Priest to restore two health points to any minion or themselves. This makes trading against Priest minions more difficult and forces an opponent to clear minions in a single turn or risk having the damage they did to that minion be erased due to healing next turn.

This power gains added value from synergy with many priest cards such as Northshire Cleric, making it a central element to the Priest play style. This ability to consistently heal weakened minions in addition to the synergies the power creates such as card draw, make the Priest excellent at winning wars of attrition.

Unlike the Hunter or Paladin this isn’t a hero power you need to use every turn, but using it often and efficiently will help ensure you reach the late game where Priest decks truly begin to thrive.


Cards of Note

Priest has a considerable number of incredibly strong cards that fulfill various purposes and combine to give Priest players numerous quality options in almost any given situation. Armed with powerful spells and minions that synergize well together Priests have multiple roads to a late game victory.

The following are a few powerful cards to watch out for when playing against a Priest and you may want to include these in your own Priest decks.  


Shadow Word: Death – Spell – Costs 3 Mana – Destroy a minion with 5 or more attack

The more powerful version of Priest’s two removal spells this card is best utilized on minions with both high attack and defense values. As the card only works on minions with at least 5 attack it is an excellent option for dealing with strong mid or late game minions your opponent puts on the board. Try to avoid using it to take out a target with high attack but low health as you can likely trade with a lower value minion of your own instead.

As many Priest decks contain both this card and Shadow Word: Pain opponents will expect you to have it in your deck. As a result you can gain great value from the card just by holding it in your hand as opponents will be weary of playing strong minions that cost most of their mana when they know you can just delete them. That is why ensuring you save this card for the opportune moment in a game is vital to success: don’t use it until you have to.


Prophet Velen – Minion – Costs 7 Mana – 7/7/: Double the Damage and Healing of your Spells and Hero Power

The classic Legendary Priest minion. This Prophet can help secure the victory in the late game by providing a significant power boost to both a Priest’s hero power as well as any other spell they play. Play this minion when you have a strong taunt minion on the board to get additional value and ensure your opponent cannot delete it easily; although at a 7/7 it is perfectly capable of surviving on its own as well.

Doubling the power of spells makes some cards incredibly mana efficient and allow you to quickly blast down your opponent’s HP. Cards such as Holy Smite, Mind Blast and Binding Heal allow for incredibly powerful one turn plays especially with their power doubled in the late game. This can help you survive the one or two additional turns you need to win or just help you immediately get the victory by increasing your burst damage. The versatility of this minion undoubtedly makes it one of the best the Priest has at their disposal.


Mind Control – Spell – Costs 10 Mana – Take Control of an enemy Minion

One of the most well known cards in all of Hearthstone, Mind Control helps ensure that if a game does go the later stages that you will be in charge. Use it to steal a minion an opponent plays in the late game to effectively negate their previous turn while establishing some strong board control for yourself.

Much like the Shadow Word cards, opponents will expect you to have at least one Mind Control in your deck. As a result this can deter your opponent from playing his strongest minions until he can try to bait out your use of this card. Knowing this it is crucial to eliminate weaker minions through other means and ensure you don’t give your opponent a green light to play their best cards. Mind Control can easily win you a game by itself but like with most cards in Hearthstone the timing is everything.


Play Style

Priest’s excel with late game and control deck variants, giving them plenty of opportunities to heal their minions and use their powerful spells to create advantageous situations as a game develops.

The Northshire Cleric gives the Priest a strong opening minion that you can use to trade with early minions your opponent plays. Healing it using the hero power ensures you get even more value from it and the additional card draw sets the Priest up for late game success. You can also use Holy Nova and Circle of Healing as healing options that provide even more synergy and help you gain and then maintain board control.

If your opponent manages to get a minion on the board that is too powerful for you to clear with your minions, Priest has some excellent removal tools. Shadow Word: Pain and Shadow Word: Death allow you to kill minions below and above four attack respectively.

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If themed decks are your style Priest has some interesting variants such as the Dragon Priest, which utilize many Dragon cards to further complement some traditional Priest strengths. With plenty of removal, silences, healing, damage and strong minions Priest’s always have an answer to whatever their opponent puts in front of them.

If you’re looking to add a new hero to your playable pool and need a later game option look no further than the Priest and give him a shot in your next session.


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