WGN Strategy Academy: Hearthstone Hero Guide – Becoming a Hunter

20 Nov , 2018  

With Hearthstone being more welcoming to new players than it ever has before now is the perfect time to learn how to effectively use one of the best heroes for new players, the Hunter.

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The class comes loaded with strong monsters, trap cards and the most aggressive hero power in the entire game; this makes it the perfect hero to learn Hearthstone with as you can play significantly more matches in a shorter period of time.

This guide will introduce you to some of the most powerful cards and strategies that you can employ with the Hunter to chase down your enemies and secure victory.


Hero Power

The Hunter has a very unique and aggressive Hero power called Steady Shot. This allows you to deal two damage directly to your opponent. Steady Shot is able to ignore powerful stall cards such as Taunts and ensures games are fast paced. This is a hero power you want to use on almost every turn that you possibly can, as the two damage points can quickly add up and place your opponent in a precarious position.


Cards of Note

The hunter class most commonly revolves around the use of “Beasts” which are a specific type of minion card. Many of these cards gain additional effects when other Beasts are in play or are in your hand and due to these synergies, many of the Beasts become high priority targets for your opponent. You will want your deck to contain numerous Beast cards.

The following are a few cards to watch out for when playing the Hunter class and you may want to include them in your own Hunter decks.


Unleash the Hounds – Spell – Costs 3 Mana Crystals – For each enemy minion, summon a 1/1 Hound with charge

Just in case the Hunter ever loses board control this card can significantly shift the board back in their advantage. The Hound’s summoned count as beasts which provides fantastic synergy with other cards Hunter’s will commonly have.

This card is best used when the opponent has 4 or more minions on the board, there are of course times when it can be used outside of that parameter however that is usually not optimal. The hounds can be used to take down multiple low health targets, one large health target or directly attack the opponent’s health to conclude the game.

Playing Unleash the Hounds with a Timber Wolf or a Scavenging Hyena already on the board further increases the value of this spell. This makes it very popular amongst experienced Hunter players.


Savannah Highmane – Minion – Costs 6 Mana Crystals – 6/5 with Deathrattle: Summon two 2/2 Hyenas.

If the game is going well for a Hunter they are looking to end it quickly and the Savannah Highmane is an excellent minion for helping them do that. Although alone it is slightly below optimal stats for a 6 cost minion, the deathrattle provides two additional cards which when taken into consideration make this one of the best 6 mana minions in Hearthstone.

Add to that value the fact that the original Savannah Highmane as well as the two Hyenas it spawns on death are Beasts, and you have a card that is almost impossible for Hunter’s to ignore.


Candleshot – Weapon – Costs 1 Mana Crystal – 1/3 Weapon with Effect: You are immune while attacking.

While the Hunter has a few weapons capable of dealing significantly more damage Candleshot is an excellent way to maintain early board control. By being immune while attacking, the Hunter can take out opposing minions without sacrificing their own Health or minions to do so. This card is especially effective against offensive minions that have far more attack power than health.


Play Style

Hunter Decks fall into one of two categories: Face or Mid Range/ Tempo.

Face Decks are based on very low mana curves and trying to deal as much damage as possible to the opponent in the first few turns of the game. This way with a few Kill Commands and Steady Shots a Hunter can coast his way to victory.

These decks are ideal for new players as they result in incredibly fast games. The downside however is that you are not forced to make many decisions as the correct strategy for this deck is always to inflict as much damage as possible to your opponent on each turn.

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Once players feel like they fully understand the Face strategy they can move onto the Mid Range/ Tempo variations of the Hunter. These variations still aim for relatively quick games as they will generally lose drawn out matches against control decks, but are significantly more nuanced in their mastery than the Face Decks that many players learn with.

Here the Beast cards and synergies that are at the Hunter’s disposal truly begin to come into play, as players must maximize the value they gain from these cards throughout the match in order to secure the victory. Learning how to effectively combine these cards and the exact situations in which each is most effective is what makes the difference between the good and great Hunters.

So if you’re new to Hearthstone and are a fan of quickly aggravating and defeating your opponents go pick up your bow – it’s time to start hunting.

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