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WGN Strategy Academy – Get To Know Apex Legends’ Wattson

18 Jul , 2019  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

Battle Charge, the second season of the free-to-play battle royale title, Apex Legends has begun.  Respawn Entertainment properly announced during the EA Play 2019 show at E3.  The studio not only teased Ranked Mode and a new weapon, but they also revealed the 10th Legend, Wattson.

In context to the Apex Legend lore, Wattson is the daughter of the lead electrical engineer behind the “games”.  Since a young age, she has studied all the intricacies behind the games  She has also learned every corner of Kings Canyon.  After an EMP shook the island, Wattson has taken it upon herself to become a part of the battle royale tournaments.

The addition of a new legend is always exciting.  Teams are able to try out new compositions and figure out the pros and cons of a new character.  If you’re looking at Wattson as a potential main during the Battle Charge season, here’s what you need to know.

As with the other nine Legends, Wattson has a tactical, an ultimate, and a passive ability.  Being the electrical specialist that she is, her abilities utilize electricity.  At her core, Wattson is a support Legend and can provide defensive measures to the team.  Wattson’s abilities really shine during the late-game when the chances of team battles are at their highest.  However, her abilities do come in handy during those choice encounters throughout the game.

Perimeter Security

Wattson’s tactical ability has the Legend set down a series of electrical fence nodes.  Stringing these together will launch an electrical fence, that slows enemies down, damaging them when and if they pass through.  Through one use of her tactical, Wattson can place four nodes.  Although, if she is camped up in an area and has enough time to recharge, a maximum of 12 nodes can be placed.

Not only can the electrical fences be used to slow enemies down, but you’ll also be notified when an enemy passes through.  This can be very helpful in the management of team presence.  Luckily, the slowdown and damage effects will only affect enemies as the nodes will temporarily shut off when you or an ally passes through.

Interceptor Pylons

The ultimate ability Wattson processes is unequivocally her greatest asset.  Placing the pylon down, it gives Wattson and the team a bevy of perks.  Any throwable weapon, such as frag or thermite grenades, and arc stars will be destroyed mid-air.  This effect also causes Legend ordinances such as Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder and Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment ultimate abilities to be dispatched.

If your team are close enough to the pylon, it will recharge your armour as well.  As with Perimeter Security, Wattson is able to lay down additional pylons.  Keep in mind, the durability of the Interceptor Pylon is low.

Passive Ability

Wattson’s passive ability, Spark of Genius, is pretty on the nose.  It allows her to instantly charge up her ultimate to 100% after an Ultimate Accelerant is used.  Whereas other Legends only get a small bump up in percentage, keeping Wattson armed with enough Ultimate Accelerants would be pragmatic.  This theoretically allows you to set up a maximum of three Interceptor Pylons.

Spark of Genius also grants Wattson the ability to quickly recharge her tactical cooldown when near her Interceptor Pylons.  This will give way to the ability to lay down additional Perimeter Security nodes in quick succession.

Wattson Tips and Tricks

If the wheels aren’t already spinning on how you can maximize the effectiveness of Wattson’s abilities, here are some tips to get you started.

As we mentioned, Wattson is a class-A support character.  More so than any other Legend, Ultimate Accelerants should also be in your back pocket.  She is able to block off potential flanks from enemies and give situational awareness thanks to her tactical ability.  Knowing the map and understanding potential threat areas is a must as a Wattson player should also be looking to use the Perimeter Security fences to funnel enemies to your team.

The durability of both Perimeter Security and the Interceptor Pylon are incredibly low so it’s best to find places to lay them down where enemies won’t be able to simply shoot them down.  Hiding the Perimeter Security nodes behind walls instead of inside door frames when blocking off an entrance will force the movement of your opponents.  They’ll either have to walk through and suffer the effects or walk right into your trap.

Place Interceptor Pylons behind cover, and in an area that’ll benefit the team.  If you are in a position where bullets are flying and your team is unable to advance, the pylon could be your team’s saving grace, recharging their armour while they pick off opponents.

In the late game, you should be using your abilities as much as possible.  Hopefully, you have saved a few Ultimate Accelerants so you’re able to construct a solid perimeter in those last few circles.  Laying down multiple pylons will mean that even if one goes down, you have a backup in place when you must reposition.

We hope that this rundown help you get a hang of the newest addition to the Legends roster.  As Battle Charge continues, many new tactics will undoubtedly arise as more players get used to Wattson.

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About The Author: Steve Vegvari
Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario.  His enthusiasm and adoration of the video game industry go back to the days of SNES.  Find him on Twitter and join in on the escapades.

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