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WGN Strategy Academy: Forza Motorsport 7 – Top 5 Driving Tips

28 Jan , 2019  

By Matthew Rondina
Forza Motorsport 7 is one of the most realistic racing simulators ever created, which can be daunting for rookie drivers. WGN is here to help you get your racing career started on the right foot with these 5 essential driving tips.

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Customize Your Driving Experience
The beauty of Forza Motorsport 7 is that is caters to both beginners and hardcore veterans. As you start your career many assists are automatically defaulted, for example, you have braking assists, a racing line and even a handy rewind feature if you make a mistake on the track. All these tools are at your disposal to help you learn how to race and get acquainted with the various tracks.
Forza Motorsport 7 Driver
As your expertise grows the Forza experience changes with you, eventually getting to a point that closely mimics a real, professional race driving experience. You can spend hours tweaking all parts of your car from the tires to the gears, you can make your experience as authentic as you wish.
Practice Smart Braking
Many people associate racing with petal to the metal action, but good braking habits will actually make you faster on the track. If you are constantly hitting objects and opponents it slows you down, and on higher difficulties it will render your ride undrivable.
forza motorsport 7 F1
Gradually slowdown into turns, it will give you far more traction and control, shaving valuable time off of your laps.
Use Manual Transmission
If you find at one point your growth as a pro driver begins to plateau, start using manual transmission. This will require a lot more work and concentration (you’ll need to closely listen to your engine to know when to shift) but it will give you more power and control of your vehicle in critical situations.
Use Mod Cards

Mods are cards that offer various challenges or conditions to your single player racing career for added credit or experience bonuses. Make sure to always activate them before races to accelerate your career growth, especially later in the game as credit rewards get bigger. Some can be as simple as racing at night, or performing two clean passes, these easy tasks tend to offer big bonuses. Mods are completely optional, but they are an interesting new way to challenge yourself in races and offer great payouts.
Adjust Your Drivatar Difficulty
Drivatars are the digital embodiment of other gamers’ driving habits, even when they are offline, they are racing with you. Change the difficulty of these virtual opponents to really offer a challenge. If you find that you are always coming in first with little resistance, it’s time to increase the drivatar difficulty. You should be coming in second or third place, and locked in a constant battle for first. This will help you grow as a driver, because if the competition isn’t offering a challenge, you won’t push yourself to learn new techniques.
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