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WGN – Strategy Academy – Forza 7 Tips for Beginners 

25 Jan , 2019  

By Matthew Rondina
Forza Motorsport 7 is the ultimate racing sim, giving you more control than ever before on the track. Read these Forza 7 Tips for Beginners.
The improved racing physics and new mechanics can make your career launch a challenging prospect. WGN is here to help you reach a podium finish with tips and tricks for rookie drivers, start your engines!

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Customize Your Racing Experience
As you are starting out with your racing career Forza 7 offers a variety of options to help customize your auto sport experience. Under the driver settings you can make adjustments to both the assists and drivatar difficulty.
Assists are very important allowing you to adjust elements that will help you practice and better understand racing techniques. I recommend using the Suggested Line, Braking and Rewind features while learning the ropes.
Suggested Line gives you the option to display a line on the track to help guide you, giving hints on when and where to apply your brakes.
Adjusting your Braking options helps if you are looking to get a feel for the track and want to ensure your timing is perfect. Using the Assisted Braking will apply the brakes for you, but this method really takes the fun out of the race. I would suggest using this option starting out, but after a few races switch to ABS to give yourself more control and options when it comes to braking.
Finally, Rewind is an incredibly powerful tool allowing you to skip backward in time if you make a mistake. This is great for learning, allowing you to immediately shift time to tackle difficult turns and test out new techniques.
Tips For Starting Off The Grid

Revving your engine right before the start of a race might seem like a natural thing to do, but ease off that throttle. If you redline your vehicle off the grid it can cause your tires to spin, taking more time to grip the tarmac and launch. This ends up costing you valuable seconds off the clock, try to carefully time your starts along the signals that start the race.
Run a Clean Race

Destruction derbies can be a lot of fun, but you want to do everything in your power to avoid slamming into other racers or the environment. Hitting objects will slow you down and depending on the difficulty you are playing on it could spell the end of a race for you. Challenge yourself to find the cleanest racing line possible, acting like Mad Max and smashing your way around the track will translate to a poor result.
Patience Is a Virtue
When trying pass, and overtake an opponent be patient and wait for the perfect opportunity. Hanging back and even drafting behind the competition is a better option than rushing to pass and making a costly mistake. Wait for the opportunity to present itself then make your move!
I hope these racing tips helped, game on!
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