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Fortnite – Beginner Tips with Eren “Caboose” Kose

7 Jan , 2019  

By Matthew Rondina
WGN was able to catch up with variety streamer and content creator Eren “Caboose” Kose for his tips on how to get started on your Fortnite career. Caboose is a Fornite veteran, talented streamer and castor that knows the ins and outs of the game, he’s here to help jump start your Battle Royale career.

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What are some of the key skills that newcomers should start to work on when they start out with Fortnite?
The first thing you immediately need to learn is the building. Get started with a basic provided control scheme before you jump into the more advanced stuff like remapping your entire controller binds. From there just jump into Playground and try to get a grasp on the building. The entire skill curve in Fortnite is to be able to out-build your opponent before you try to out-shoot them.
Your main two tools that will help you the most when building are your walls and your ramps. Floors and pyramids are important too, but walls and ramps are the most key when it comes to building. From there you can start to figure out what guns work for you and what don’t.
Shotguns are fairly inconsistent in Fortnite so it’s always recommended that you carry a SMG alongside a shotgun. This way if you hit someone with a shotgun for 80 damage using the pump shotgun, instead of waiting for the gun to ready for a second shot, you can just immediately switch to your SMG and clean up that last bit of damage needed to finish your opponent.
What are some great places to drop on the map? Any tips on how to drop? (Aim for building, rooftops etc. why?)
I would personally advise that you drop in the more populated areas. The only way you are going to learn how to get better is to find out what not to do. And to find out what not to do, you need to die…a lot. Watch your bus path, see what major POI’s are nearest to the immediate jump when it’s available and head there.
Pay attention to what the lowest point of the ground is and aim there when skydiving. This will allow you to pull your glider as late as possible, giving you the advantage of being one of the first people to land and get looted up.
What are some good starter weapons? What guns should I carry in order to have a balanced arsenal?
The basic Assault Rifle is safe. Obviously pick up the highest rarity version of the AR that you find and use that for those mid to mid-long range battles. Then comes the shotgun and this really comes down to preference. The tactical shotgun is a good shotty to start with as it has a wider blast radius and less room for error. The problem with this is the damage numbers aren’t as high as something like a pump shotgun, which requires a lot more precision, but rewards you with high damage. The heavy shotgun also falls in this category, but also provides you with longer range than a pump shotgun and less down time between shots.
Then there’s the double barrel shotgun. This gun is only effective at extremely close range, but can completely wipe our an entire enemies health bar in a split second if you land the two shots in the magazine correctly. As mentioned though, the tactical shotgun would be the easiest to pick up if you are a beginner, once you start to feel your shot getting better, move on to the pump/heavy. Most people tend to avoid the double barrel as it’s a very circumstantial gun.
If I’m looking to get into Fortnite streaming, what are some tips you can offer? What platform do you prefer? (Twitch, facebook, YouTube or mixer?)
Use what platform you see fit. The interesting thing about this game is that I can pretty much name major Fortnite streamers on all streaming platforms. Currently some platforms are a bit more difficult to build an audience on so it is recommended to use something like Twitch to get things started. Again, though, this is all down to your personal preference.
What are some tips as a streamer to build your Fortnite viewership?
Practice, practice, practice. It’s hard to say it but a lot of the streamers who succeed in covering Fortnite, do so because they are very skilled in the game. Not all of them do, however. If you feel you might not be the best player/not improving at a rapid rate, being entertaining will always help keep viewers engaged. Having fun and staying positive, while remaining passionate about the game will help people engage in your platform.

A special thanks to Caboose for taking the time to chat about all things Fortnite. Be sure to give him a follow on twitter, instagram and on YouTube.

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