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WGN Strategy Academy – FIFA 19 – Changes Coming to the Pitch

21 Aug , 2018  

By: Matthew Rondina
FIFA 19 has some big changes this year in both gameplay and format that could have a big impact on the pro scene. World Gaming Network is here to break it down so come match day, you are ready to play.

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Champions League Features
The UEFA Champions League is included in this year’s FIFA entry, showcasing the best teams around the world. This also includes Europa, Serie A and Coppa Italia, giving FIFA fans one of the most authentic experiences on the field yet.
The all new standalone Champions League mode will take players from the group stages all the way to The Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid.

The experience looks to capture as much of the Champions magic as possible, right down to the iconic voices of Derek Rae and Lee Dixon, who are now in the game. This mode will also allow players to create their own custom tournaments for added flexibility in how you choose to experience the game.
New special Champions League cards will also enter the fold under this new licensing agreement, so Ultimate Team fans are in for a treat!
Dynamic Tactics
FIFA 19 gives you the ability to outwit your opponent even before you have set foot on the pitch with deeper pre-match customization. This allows you to set up “game plans” before each game, and assign each to your D-Pad in order to be deployed on the fly during the match.

(Photo: EA Sports)
This really helps if you are protecting a lead or trying to play more aggressive offence, a new formation can be easily deployed with the press of your D-Pad’s preassigned button. In high stakes games, it will help to do your homework, as setting up multiple game plans will help you in a clinch.
Active Touch System
This year users will immediately feel more control with players, especially on the first touch. The new system enhances player controls, and makes ball handling much more fluid by incorporating unique movement for each player. This dials up the level of control and realism in your FIFA experience.
Timed Finishing
This year double tapping either the Circle button (PS4) or the B button (Xbox One) gives you a goal scoring edge. The trick is to use this button combination just as the ball makes contact with your foot, giving your player a greater chance to pick the top corners of the net. It basically boosts the stats of your shot temporarily if you pull off a perfectly timed button press, it’s not a guaranteed goal but it’s a far more accurate and powerful strike.

(Photo: EA Sports)
There is a downside though, if you mistime your button press it can cause you to completely miss the mark.
50/50 Battles
This year the system has been revised as player attributes and user reactions determine who comes out of a duel with the ball. It will require faster reaction times and deeper knowledge of your players in order to win loose balls on the pitch.
Footie on the Go

(Photo:Nintendo Enthusiast)
FIFA 19 is back this year on the Nintendo Switch for those of you looking to sharpen your virtual football skills on the go. EA is building upon the custom graphics engine for the Switch, adding sharper graphics and smoother gameplay. Shooting and passing are reportedly much tighter and on-field AI is improved for a better overall experience.
Which change on FIFA 19’s pitch are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below, game on!

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