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WGN Strategy Academy: How To Earn Credits In Forza Motorsport 7

26 Nov , 2018  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

Forza Motorsport 7 is the premier driving simulation game on the Xbox One.  With over 700 cars to unlock and drive, Turn 10 Studios offers plenty of options for players as they dive into Forza Motorsport 7.

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With so many different vehicles packed into one game, most players begin wondering how to get their hands on the sleekest cars from the get go.

The short answer is, you don’t.  Like all Forza titles, you begin racing vehicles under the E-C class.  These are your stock vehicles during the initial hours.  Reaching a higher Collection Tier and unlocking new vehicles is the only way to acquire vehicles in higher classes.

Within each class, you’ll find faster, shinier cars to buy.  The entire process is a balance between earning enough credits (CR) to purchase new vehicles and progressing through the Collection Tiers.  Do not be discouraged though, as there is a way to help speed up the process.

We will show you some ways you can begin earning credits right from the start and begin unlocking your dream cars.

Start Your Engines

This may seem very evident, but one of the quickest ways to earn credits is to play through the Forza Driver’s Cup.  The Forza Driver’s Cup is divided into six separate championships.  Each championship has a required number of circuits and races to complete in order to progress to the next.

Each of these races will primarily award players with SP and a small amount of CR.  However, there are a few races in each championship that will net players a free car just for completing the circuit.  These cars are not typically the end all be all, but acquiring cars through these means will go towards your Collection Tier ranking.

In order to purchase some of the high-end vehicles, you must raise your Car Collection Tier.  As you raise your Collection rating, you will unlock new cars.  The cheapest and easiest way to go through the ranks is to unlock cars through the completion of races.

In addition, endurance races will reward players a large amount of CR for completing the race.  For dedicated players looking to grind, a recommended circuit within the Forza community is the Daytona Oval circuit.  Depending on the stats of your car, this race can take up to six hours to complete the 50 laps. This method is not for the impatient.

Milestone Rewards

Completing races in the Forza Driver’s Cup will earn you XP to go towards your Driver Level.  Increasing your Driver Level will unlock Milestone Rewards.  Similar to completing certain races, milestone rewards offer three separate rewards you can choose.

The first being a lump sum of CR.  The standard CR reward is 50’000 CR.  Choosing this reward may only prove useful if you are short credits for an immediate purchase of mods or a new vehicle.  Otherwise, the long-term benefits are not worth the sacrifice of the next selection.

The second offering is a free vehicle.  This is the option that I urge players to choose each time they hit a new Driver Level.  Not only will gaining the new car increases your Car Collection rating, but it also saves you from spending anything between 200’000-400’000 CR in order to unlock the vehicle.

The third option is a Drivatar Suit.  The suits hold no advantages to increasing your CR.  While the customization option is a welcoming touch, it does not justify the loss of a discounted car.


As you continue to race your way through the Driver’s Cup, it is incredibly important to constantly invest in mods.  Mods will add a certain depth of difficulty to each race.  Stacking mods will improve the percentage of CR you receive after each race.

Mods are broken into five different colours, representing difficulty and reward percentages.  The five different mod classifications are Green (Common) Blue (Uncommon) Purple (Rare) Red (Super Rare) and Gold (Legendary).

Before each race, you are able to equip up to three different mods.  Each has their own stats and will impact the rewards accordingly.  Since gaining CR is the focus, a higher bonus of CR each race should be the priority when equipping mods.

The downside to using mods is the fact that each can only be used a certain number of times.  Some mods can only be used once, while the majority cap out at three.  To maintain your supply of mods, you will be required to purchase Prize Crates.

Within the Prize Crate marketplace, you can find crates ranging in prices of 15’000 CR – 420’000 CR.  While it may feel like backpedalling, the investments made towards mods will be recouped within a couple races.

Applying three high-rewarding mods can award upwards of 150% and more in CR.

Changing The Difficulty

As your going through each race, take a look in the menus and look at the Drivatar difficulty.  Increasing the skill level of the Drivatars you will race against will reward experienced players an increased percentage of CR.

If you have played other driving simulators or Forza Motorsport titles, you may feel comfortable cranking the difficulty up to “Unbeatable” which will add an additional 100% CR to your initial rewards.

Be warned though, the Drivatars will be significantly more challenging to overtake in the race.  Find a comfortable balance between your skill level as to not potentially lose a first-place standing.  Testing the waters, you can increase the level to “Above Average” to see how you stand and keep a 20% CR increase.

If you truly want to grind out CR and get the best of the best from the Car Collection, you can combine a few of these tips together for maximum efficiency.  Completing longer races with mods attached and higher Drivatar difficulties will increase the payout.  Take all this into account with the grind of the Daytona Oval mentioned previously, and the rewards can be in the realm of 700’000 CR.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to unlock the 2017 Renault in no time.

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