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WGN STRATEGY ACADEMY: DOTA 2 – Winning Wars by Warding

7 Sep , 2018  

Written By: Carlo Arcovio
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Information wins matches of Dota and wards are a source of information. But, buying a ward is not enough, you must understand where and why to place a ward.
The value of having vision over specific areas of the map changes as a game changes. The lane is an extremely valuable spot to have a ward in the early game while potentially being a waste and a catalyst to get spam pinged in the late game. WGN Strategy Academy is here to school you in placing wards.


The majority of the early game is played from the lane. Understanding where players want to be is the same as understanding where to ward

Lane Wards

Radiant Safelane Ward                                                                     Dire Safelane Ward

A lane ward is the most commonly used ward in the early game. Lane wards keep track of enemies entering and leaving a lane. When a lane ward catches a nasty ganker rotating to your lane, you know to back up and wait for them to show elsewhere, in the meantime, your other lanes are able to play more aggressive. When an enemy is seen leaving the lane to regenerate or gank somewhere else, you know you can play aggressively because of an absent opponent.
As the game progresses and heroes become more mobile, lane wards decrease in value, however, warding is always a valuable in Dota.


The value of wards in the mid game is dictated by the objectives your team wants to take and defend. If your team is better equipped to combat towers than heroes, you can ward aggressively and push lanes where you have vision. If your team would rather fight Roshan than the enemy, Wards can be used to secure Roshan without having your Aegis snatched. If you and your teammates are looking to sneak around and hit some godlike hooks, the most valuable wards are the ones keeping track of where your opponents will be farming.
Identify which objectives your team can work towards and ward accordingly. If you are under pressure after the laning phase, do not be scared to stay on your side of the river and use your wards to punish your opponents when they extend into your turf.

Radiant’s Roshan Wards


Dire’s Roshan Wards


Dire’s Pushing Wards                                                                    Radiant’s Pushing Wards



You know you are in the late game when the only objectives left to take are your opponents’ ancient and MMR. Where better to ward in the late game than your opponents’ base?!



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Having vision on the enemy highground sets you up for a successful push. Vision into the base of your enemy also means there is an opportunity for you to score a game-winning pickoff on an unsuspecting core.
These ward spots will improve your game, but do not forget to bring a sentry!

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