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WGN Strategy Academy: CoD Black Ops 4 General Map Guide – Arsenal

15 Mar , 2019  

With the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 competitive season in full swing now is the perfect time to delve into the maps in rotation. This guide will focus on the map Arsenal, which is used in all three of the official competitive game modes. Here we will give you some general tips and tricks for the map itself.

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General Strategy

Arsenal is one of the larger maps in the competitive rotation. Teams have two major spawn points, one on the East and the other, the West portions of the map. These two major spawns are quite a distance from each other making it difficult to get back into a fight taking place on the other side.

Arsenal is set on the manufacturing facility of a powerful North American military defense contractor. There are three major lanes or areas where fighting tends to take place.

Map Layout

The layout for Arsenal has three clear zones where fighting takes place.

The most obvious is the giant room in the middle of the map. Both teams have easy access to this area through automatic doors but this area can also be entered from both the North, via a smaller room with a breakable window, and South through an air vent that is accessible from both the east and west sides of the courtyard. This middle area has so many pieces of equipment within in that despite its size, sight lines are small making it a great place for SMG players to ensure they don’t get seen from too far away.

The South side of the map with the statue of the jet, courtyard and trees is the most common area of the map to find engagements and enemy players. Posting up behind some cover here is a great way to prevent enemy players from flanking around your team. It also provides you with long lines of sight on enemies making it an ideal position for the AR players out there. Having a player control the air vent can also be very useful to prevent players from getting the jump on your teammates fighting over the middle of the map.

The West most end of this South most lane also has a room with a window which can see the majority of this area. You can commonly find a player in that room watching the length of the area and is a great spot to go yourself. If your team is spawning on the west side this allows you to cover any of your teammates pushing down this south corridor. If you are spawning on the east side securing this room can also be very beneficial. It allows you to get behind players as they are coming off their spawn and prevent enemies from pushing out this side of the map. With multiple escape roots you should be able to frustrate your opponents and make them search for you thus alleviating significant pressure from your team.

The Southwest room that gives you a vantage point on the South corridor and garden areas.

As a bonus this room is only a few steps away from the hallway that connects the east spawn to the major room in the middle. This means you can also flank those players as they try to engage with your teammates positioned in the middle of the map.

The final area of the map is the North corridor which is covered by industrial and war equipment such as a Crane on the west end and some anti aircraft guns that you cannot use. Although this is a long outdoor corridor there is significant cover here players can utilize if they wish, although it is also possible to hold down longer lines of sight. Depending on how you choose to move through this portion of the map both AR and SMG players can find great success here.

Additionally this North lane also contains access to the small room overlooking the middle manufacturing facility. This means you can quickly rotate to help your team fight engagements in the middle and south portions of the map but beware, there will often be a player trying to hold that area down to prevent you from doing that.

Specialist Recommendations

At the time of writing this guide Nomad, Torque and Ajax are not allowed to be used in competitive modes. Furthermore Firebreak, Prophet and Seraph are not allowed to use their specialist equipment so for players that enjoy these classes they should look into using the generic equipment such as frag grenades or the trophy system instead.

Recon, Crash, Ruin and Battery are four of the most highly used specialists on this map for competitive play due to their ability to support their teammates, move quickly around the map and clear out control/ hardpoints respectively. Many teams elect to run Prophet for their fifth specialist due to the many long lines of sight Prophet can lock down with the Tempest special weapon.


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That wraps up the first part of this guide for Arsenal. Check back for Part II where we will cover some strategies and setups that you can use to your advantage on each of the three game types Arsenal is played on competitively.


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