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WGN Strategy Academy: CoD Black Ops 4 Game Type Map Guide – Arsenal

18 Mar , 2019  

Welcome to Part II of the Arsenal map guide! In this piece we will walk through the three game types that you will come across on Arsenal and some strategies and setups you can use to your advantage for each one.

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Search and Destroy

One of the most classic game modes in Call of Duty most fans of the franchise are already familiar with how this game type works. One team tries to arm a bomb at one of the two possible sites and both teams are given only one life per round. A round is won by arming the bomb and defending it until it explodes, defusing an armed bomb or be eliminating all players on the opposing team.

Due to players only having a single life to work with in a round this is by far the slowest of the three game modes. As a result holding down certain angles and positions are critical to success. Even if you can’t take an opposing player out simply putting yourself in the proper places to see as many opponents as possible can give your team the informational edge you need to make intelligent decisions about which site to attack.

A Site

The A bomb site is one of the most common hot zones on the entire map.

The A site is located in the South courtyard right by the large statue of the Jet. This bomb site is quite open with multiple entry points. There is the stairwell to the east defenders can come up and a hallway to the North without a door which allows players to easily collapse from the middle of the map. Players can also utilize the air vent to gain a direct line of sight on the bomb site from an enclosed position or go through the vent to the far side to flank incoming attackers.

The site gives defenders 3 strong positions to guard and the possibility of a flank creates a fourth line of sight attackers need to be weary of in order to arm the bomb successfully. This point certainly gives defenders the advantage.

B Site

A look at the B bomb site from the attackers’ side.

The B site has significantly more cover and fewer entry paths making it easier to set up around for attacking players. Located in the North corridor defenders can again come from their spawn to the east, via two different paths: one lower and one on level ground with the bomb site.

The only other real entry path is through the door connecting this corridor to the middle of the map. One thing to note is that this door is west of the point, closer to the spawn of the attackers, so successfully arming the bomb at B requires one attacker pay attention to that doorway as well being aware of players potentially running a long flank and coming from the west.

With all this in mind B is the preferred site for attackers but knowing this means there is almost always at least one defender trying to flank. Furthermore if players on defense can get set up early around the B site they should be able to hold down angles sufficiently well so that the attackers struggle to get near the planting site.

AR’s should primarily be used in this game type on both offense and defense to hold down these lines of sight and take out opponents who get overly aggressive. If you plan on doing the flanking on defense however, the SMG can be a great tool to make sure you win the gun fights that take enemies by surprise.



The newest game type in the Call of Duty franchise this mode features two points that one team has to try and capture, the other team must defend, before time runs out and gives both teams a limited number of lives per round, 26 for attackers and 25 for defenders. Victory is achieved by capturing both points for the attackers, preventing the capture of both by defenders or like S&D, eliminating all enemy players.

The key to success in this game type is strong team coordination. The offensive team has to work together to capture one point and lock that area down before the defense can respond. Then they can begin their assault on the final remaining point. It is generally inadvisable to attack both points simultaneously as they are located closer to the defense’s spawn meaning they can constantly arrive on the points quicker and ensure they have the numbers advantage at all times.

Point A

The A control site from an attacker’s PoV.

On Arsenal the first point is located on the east side of the middle room inside the manufacturing facility and the second is located by the Jet statue on the East side of the South courtyard. This makes it easy for defenders to transition between the two points via the hallway connecting the middle and South corridors as well as through the air vent which has exits on the South side of the Map and overlooks the first control point in the middle.

The control point in the middle is usually the first combat zone as it is easier for attackers to quickly enter the area and once they have established control, it can be very difficult for defenders to enter the zone. One attacker can watch the automatic door to the east from inside the point, another the vent on the South side and a third can prevent anyone from entering the small room to the North with the window vantage point. This setup forces defenders to flank all the way around to gain entry and leaves an additional two players to either speed up the capturing process or put pressure on the defenders spawns. In an optimal situation at least one attacking player can try and watch for defenders rushing to the point and pick them off en route in order to give them a more significant life advantage for capturing the second point.

Point B

The B control site.

Now for the Jet control point. As we mentioned in the S&D section regarding the A bomb site, this area of the map has multiple entrances and vantage points which both sides must be aware of to successfully lock the area down. With defenders having their spawn so much closer the attacking team needs to coordinate pushes on this point together. Otherwise there are simply too many places and angles the defenders can hold to pick off players as they rush the zone.

During the first portion of a round when players are focused on the middle point SMGs can be very useful in winning the close quarter battles that will often take place. However once focus has shifted to the control point in the South courtyard ARs are more useful for holding down the longer lines of sight that skilled player utilize. There should still be one SMG on both sides though to lock down the hallway area just north of that Jet control zone or the air vent players will travel through. The team that has the advantage in the round can use their SMG aggressively to catch players off guard while coming spawn as well.



The third and final variant players will have to master on Arsenal Hardpoint is a classic Call of Duty game type that acts like a rotating King of the Hill. Both teams are on offense and defense simultaneously and there is no limit to your team’s lives over the match. Whoever hits 250 seconds of control or has more time when the clock runs out is the victor.

The key to succeeding in this game type is knowing where the next hardpoint will be before it spawns. This way a player can move prematurely and get set up, providing their team with the spawn closer to that specific hardpoint. Arsenal has a 5 point rotation meaning there are 5 different hardpoints that players will battle over during a single match.

First Hardpoint

The initial Hardpoint on Arsenal in the middle of the manufacturing facility.

The first is right in the middle of the central building making it equally accessible to both teams regardless of spawn location. Teams will want to set up similarly to the middle control point we just discussed. Multiple SMGs are useful here to control this middle area with shorter sight lines and to emerge victorious in more close range combat however an AR or two can help lock down a few of the longer sight lines and put damage on opponents entering the middle zone.

Players must be weary of getting too aggressive and flipping the spawns here. If a player on the controlling team is too aggressive that can cause the other team to spawn on the opposite side of the map thus allowing their own teammates to be more easily caught off guard. The only exception to this is when the Hardpoint is getting set to move as teams will want to ensure they have the spawn on the West side to prepare for the second Hardpoint.

Second Hardpoint

The “Crane” Hardpoint, the second roation.

The second point is in the Northwest corner of the map in the lower area near the giant crane.The team that is spawning on the West side will have a tremendous advantage here as players spawning across the map will take about 10 seconds to get to the point. This makes it critical that one player is holding down that spawn area and ensures his teammates can spawn there successfully.

Players will often rush down the North corridor to get to this point as quickly as possible so having an AR or two to watch these long sight lines can stop players en route in their tracks well before they expect a fight. This can help your team rack up more time without pressure.

The remaining player should be mindful of the middle area of the map to watch for flanks and keep track of opponents so that their teammates can be aware of incoming flanks or pressure on the spawn point. As with the previous hardpoint this player has to avoid getting overly aggressive and changing the spawn location until the hardpoint is set to move again.

Third Hardpoint

The third Hardpoint at the “Jet” statue.

The third point is in the exact same place as the Jet control point on the Southeast portion of the map. As a result teams will want to ensure they secure the East spawn point just prior to this rotation so that they can consistently have numbers advantage. This is especially critical for this hardpoint as there as so many routes attacking players can use to infiltrate a setup.

Again teams will want multiple ARs to watch the long lines of sight through the South courtyards and use the trees as cover. An SMG or two can be very useful here as well however to lock down the middle area of the map and controlling the air vent which can allow attackers to sneak down the south side undetected. By doing this attackers are forced to win long range AR battles or flank all the way around the North side which takes a much longer time, thus giving your team full control for 20-30 seconds.

Fourth Hardpoint

The fourth Hardpoint situated between the anti aircraft turrets.

The fourth point is again in the middle of the map but this time in the North corridor between the anti aircraft turrets. These turrets provide lots of cover and create shorter lines of sight again making SMGs very useful, especially considering the importance of the middle area as an avenue for attacking this particular point.

Teams will want to ensure they are forcing the other team to consistently spawn on one side of the map so that they are not taken by surprise but which side they prefer to hold is a matter of preference. It is easier to control attackers coming from the West side however the fifth and final point is on the West side so that is a tradeoff you will have to discuss with your squad.

Fifth Hardpoint

The fifth and final Hardpoint. After this point the rotation goes back to the first Hardpoint in the middle of the map.

The fifth point is on the Southwest side, in the room connecting the west spawn to the Southern courtyards. Teams will want to ensure two ARs are watching this Southern corridor, preferably by placing one player in the room overlooking the South side we mentioned in the general strategy portion at the beginning. Placing an SMG in the vent can ensure players can’t bypass the fire from the two ARs and having another player control the middle area can force attackers to flank down the North lane.


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That pretty much does it for Arsenal! Hopefully you now have more information at your disposal to help you secure wins on one of the most common maps in the competitive rotation. We’d love to hear your setups and strategies for the map in the comments below!



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