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WGN Strategy Academy: Changes And New Features In PES 2019

28 Aug , 2018  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

Konami has detailed the changes and new features for PES 2019.  As the eighteenth title of the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise, the upcoming football-simulation game focuses on delivering stunning graphics, and strides to become the most authentic football experience in games.

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Konami is keen to deliver a major overhaul to myClub.  MyClub will begin to incorporate Featured Players.  High performing real-world players will have improved stats reflected in the game.  These stats are only incorporated temporarily.  Each week, the Featured Players roster continuously change.

PES 2019 will launch with new licensing agreements and leagues right off the bat.  Currently, seven new leagues including the Russia Premier League, Ladbrokes Premiership, and Argentina’s Superliga have been announced.

Additionally, in Konami’s continued ventures for licensing partnerships, PES 2019 will launch with 40 stadiums to play in.  Like PES 2018, some will be original Konami creations, while others will be a part of the licensing and partnership agreement which will bring fan favourite stadiums into the fold.

Each stadium will also feature appropriate weather systems.  As such, a stadium that may see snow has a chance to be played on with a white blanket covering the field.  Players will have to accomodate the weather systems with new strategies in each scenario.

On top of that, Konami has grew the number of skill traits incorporated into the game.  11 brand new skills are included.  Bumping the grand total up to a staggering 39.  These include ‘dribbling shots’, ‘interception’, ‘cross turn over’ and many more.

PES 2019 has a heightened sense of realism. Player movements and shooting mechanics now have more depth.  Even the smallest of variables can affect how a player reacts when shooting the ball. Player AI is a lot more reactive.  Players on the field will be more aggressive when seeking the ball.  Passing the ball is more fluid.  Player movements are more receptive to controller inputs especially when taking a shot on net.

Many hardcore fans of the franchise will embrace the ‘Visible Fatigue’ mechanic.  PES 2019 has reworked their stamina system and rebalanced it under the banner of Visible Fatigue.  On field players will now show clear signs of low stamina levels, encouraging a player swap within the team-management system.

Quick substitutions allow player swapping mid-game without interfering with the progression of the match.  Simple inputs will allow recommended players to jump into the action without having to trudge through a complicated menu system.

All of this, wrapped up into crisp 4K HDR performances.  Stands and pitches reflect the real-world players.  Graphical integrity and user engagement are both pushed forward by the power behind the game.  Konami’s use of their FOX Engine allows for a more authentic experience all around.

There are many features and changes coming to PES 2019 this year.  It is promising to see refinement on the forefront.  Pro Evolution Soccer has been running 19 titles strong.  Richer user experiences and a more diverse content drop is always a welcoming change.

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PES 2019 releases on August 28th on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe and PC on August 30th.

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