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WGN Strategy Academy – Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Blackout Battle Plan

1 Mar , 2019  

Written By: Matthew Rondina

Black Ops 4 Blackout survival tips and battle tactics!

The Call of Duty franchise has arrived in the battle royale arena with Blackout mode. The new mode features a massive map, the biggest in the series’ history, where mayhem unfolds from land, sea and air.

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WGN is here with a Blackout battle plan to help you harness the chaos and make you more lethal with key tips and battle tactics.

Accelerate Your Drop Speed
In Blackout you don’t parachute onto the map from a plane or a bus, but dive from a helicopter then wingsuit glide to the battlefield. The moment you jump from the chopper you should immediately push up on your joystick to initiate a head-first dive toward the ground.
This will rapidly increase your speed allowing you to hit the ground early, or have enough momentum to glide for long stretches letting you reach your preferred destination. The wingsuit gives you a fair amount of control in both direction and speed, depending on how you position your joystick. Getting that initial momentum from the dive should allow you to swoop down to any corner of the map you desire.
Once you’ve landed don’t forget your wingsuit stays with you the entire game, so you can jump out of helicopters or off high structures like the lighthouse or Hydo Dam and have it deploy while holding the “jump” button. This works great, especially if you need a quick exit from a gunfight.
Loot and Scoot
When you first hit the ground, your very first priority should be to find a weapon. If you run into an enemy that is armed and you don’t have a way to defend yourself, it’s game over. Survey your surroundings, find a gun, then continue your looting spree once you have a firearm. Keep looking for better items and perks as the game progresses, but be mindful of the outer ring and the location of enemies in your vicinity. Don’t get caught off-guard fiddling with items or inventory!
Optimize Your Healing Items
Using your health items at the right time can be essential to victory, let’s get familiar with how to optimize each.
When you start a game your max health is 150HP, but if you find a Trauma Kit it will boost your HP to 200, giving you an extra edge. Trauma Kits are a rare find, but when you pick up one be sure to use it right away – it can be the difference between life and death. Other health items you can find are bandages which heal for 25HP and medkits that will heal you for 50HP. Don’t forget Blackout lets you heal on the move, so no need to be a sitting duck while patching yourself up.
Use Your Perks
In Blackout you don’t choose your perks before the game starts, but rather, find them up like weapons, ammo and other items in-game. As soon as you find a perk, use it as they enhance certain skills for limited amount of time. Many have attributes that will make you far more lethal on the battlefield such as awareness, which makes enemy footsteps louder, or dead silence which makes you move quietly and get the drop on enemies. You can use up to 6 perks at a time, just keep in mind they do take up a up a slot in your inventory.
I hope these Blackout battle tips helped, good luck in the war zone soldier!

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