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WGN Strategy Academy – Call of Duty Black Ops 4 – Beginner’s Battle Guide

25 Feb , 2019  

Written By: Matthew Rondina
The Call of Duty Black Ops 4 multiplayer experience is more tactical than ever before, requiring teamwork and more strategy to claim victory on the battlefield.

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WGN is here with some starter to tips to get you on the path to victory!

Level Up!
Get those boots on the ground, the more you play, the more you level up, unlocking added perks, weapons and attachments in the process. Online multiplayer sessions will grant XP for winning matches, completing challenges, earning medals and more.
Once you reach level 5 you will also be able to create a custom class which will allow you to mix and match weapons and perks to further support, or change your play style.
Keep grinding away to get better, more powerful perks, weapons and customization options!
Offline Training
If the pace of the game against real players is too fast, or you are unfamiliar with the maps, try setting up offline matches to practice on.
Playing in bot matches lets you face off against the CPU, the difficulty can be adjusted giving you the opportunity to experiment with different weapon combinations in a pressure free environment.
Playing in these matches also allows you to choose the game type and map, giving you the opportunity to better understand the rules of different modes. One drawback is that you will not gain XP while playing against bots, but the knowledge gained will pay dividends when facing off against human controlled opponents online.
Stick Together
Previous versions of Call of Duty allowed you to “lone wolf” frequently when it came to facing off against other teams. With more emphasis on specialists each player has a unique attribute that helps support the core battle group. Running out on your own is not a good idea, especially if you are new to the game. Everyone has a role to play to properly balance the team, make sure to move with allies and provide cover support.

Know the Map
This will come with experience, but the faster you can learn each map the greater tactical advantage you have over the enemy. Note where enemies spawn, understanding the direction they are headed will allow you to predict their routes and help you set up an ambush.
It’s a great idea to explore higher vantage points, finding these new areas and sight lines will help you get the drop on unsuspecting players.

Picking a Specialist
When starting out it’s best to choose a specialist that is suited to your play style. If you prefer a more fast paced aggressive experience, Ruin is an excellent option. He is a soldier that will unrelentingly push forward, acting as the “tip of the spear” for the squad. His grapple gun allows him to cover ground quickly, making him one of the most agile and mobile specialists available.
On the other side of the coin is Torque who is a defender, he controls the flow of combat by securing key chokepoints and positions.
His razor wire can be deployed to damage and slow enemies that attempt to cross it, making him an excellent strategic asset in the field.
If you are looking for other options WGN has a full breakdown of all tactical and brute force specialists. Good luck on the battlefield recruit, game on!

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