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WGN Strategy Academy – Call of Duty Black Ops 4 – Advanced Tips Guide

4 Feb , 2019  

Written By: Matthew Rondina
Call of Duty Black Ops 4‘s combat is more refined than ever, featuring significant changes to weapon physics and play mechanics that will have an impact on your multiplayer experience. Making a few changes to your controls and play style can result in big victories on the battlefield.

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WGN is here with advanced tips that will help you play like a pro!

Warm Up Before Deploying
Before jumping into matchmaking always give yourself time to warm up with a few offline skirmishes. Start up a private match, face off against bots and get that trigger finger warmed up. Going in cold against other real-life players who have been potentially gaming for hours will instantly put you at a disadvantage.
Adjust The Play Mechanics
If you are looking for every possible advantage on the battlefield don’t be afraid to tweak your gameplay settings, especially the look sensitivity.
The gameplay is slightly slower this time around with the additions of manual healing and increased time-to-kill (TTK) but it’s still one of the fastest paced multiplayer experiences out there.
The sensitivity on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One default to 4, but if you are hoping to aim and spin around faster you will want to up the setting to at least a 6. This really comes down to personal preference, try practicing with different settings offline using bots and see what works best for you.
Shoot From the Hip
Black Ops 4 is a very twitchy shooter, it will really test your reflexes, rewarding those who react the fastest. In many instances victory in a gunfight can come down to a single shot, so you need to be ready to open up right away. Many players tend to wait to start shooting at their opponent until they are looking down their sights and have perfect placement.
Try to avoid this, once you have the enemy on screen open fire immediately, as this happens simultaneously aim down your sights to lock onto more critical areas. Shooting from the hip first as you zoom-in is essential to coming out of the skirmish alive. This isn’t necessarily the case with all FPS games, but it’s absolutely key to victory in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Eyes Up on Targets
As you move around the map make sure to keep your sights aimed at the middle of the screen. This is especially important when you are coming around corners or out of blind spots, make sure your sights are up and avoid letting your crosshairs drift toward the ground.
I see this mistake happen all the time, and when players are confronted by an opponent they lose critical milliseconds adjusting their aim. Keep those eyes up and save yourself some aiming adjustment time that could be the different between life and death.

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