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WGN Braintrust – Eric “Ryoya” Dong – DOTA 2 – Interview

25 Sep , 2018  

By Matthew Rondina
Toronto played host to the first ever Red Bull AdrenaLAN presented by Bell, a unique showcase of pro tech and talent.

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The event brought multi-titled esports competition together under one roof, along with many other facets of the pro gaming industry. It was a great way to catch up with both casual players and pro athletes and even challenge them to a game or two.
(Image:Redbull Canada)
At AdrenaLAN, WGN was able to catch up with Eric “Ryoya” Dong, a professional American DOTA 2 mid lane player.
Ryoya and the Immortals were fresh off of a victory against OG, in a best of five matches that remained neck-and-neck up until the very last game. The Immortals, doling out massive damage in their final push, overwhelmed OG to take the victory.
Coming off the victory, Eric was happy to share his knowledge about the pro scene and give some tips on how to break into the DOTA 2 scene.
WGN: What has your involvement been with Red Bull AdrenaLAN?
“We were contacted to play a show match, they have an amateur DOTA 2 tournament, going on.
They also have Starcraft 2, PUBG, League of Legends basically the organizers contacted a few pros from their respective games, and did a show match for every game for the amateur viewers.”
WGN: What advice can you give for those looking to break into the DOTA 2 scene?
“The best way to break into the DOTA 2 scene is getting your name out there. Whether, it’s getting a really high rank on the leaderboards, or starting in amateur tournaments and working your way up to the higher end tournaments until people get to know your name and watch you play.”
WGN: How often do you attend live events, and outside of these where can we find you streaming?
“Live events, I attend one every 1 – 2 months or so, I stream on twitch, my ID is RyoyaDota.”
WGN: What’s your training regime like to keep you competitive on the scene?
“I think for me and most pros we probably play DOTA close to 10+ hours a day, some of that will include individual practice, some will include small mechanical practice, or replay analysis.”
(Image:Dale Tidy/Red Bull Content)
WGN: Have you ever considered switching games or is there any game you play outside of DOTA currently?
“Ever since I started DOTA 2, I never had any thoughts about switching games, but before DOTA 2 I played Starcraft 2 and a little League of Legends. I was pretty good at those games too.” *laughs*
WGN: What would you say your long term aspirations for esports are?
“I think for the most part, people who are pros they want to do what they really like for a living, and that’s enough for a lot of them.
I think the biggest milestone for every DOTA 2 player would be to win TI and that would be my lifelong goal for DOTA 2.”
Any special shoutouts you’d like to give?
“Shoutout out to Razer and Mountain Dew for the support!”
A special thanks to Eric for taking the time to chat. Be sure to follow Eric on twitter.
Let us know who you are rooting for in the comments below, game on!

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