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WGN Brain Trust: WESG USA Qualifier – JeNneSis

11 Nov , 2018  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

The USA Nation Finals for the WESG is quickly approaching.  The National Finals will bring qualifying players across various titles to compete for their chance to walk away with a prize pool and continue to the Grand Finals next year.

Watch the WESG USA National Finals Here

As Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the premier titles involved in the Olympic-esque tournament, we wanted to touch base with one of the qualifying teams.

Old School is a team comprised of existing CS:GO players from various teams that have come together specifically for the WESG.  One of the members of the team; Jenn, otherwise known as “JeNneSis” is feeling very optimistic about her performance and how Old School may perform during the finals.

We were able to get a few moments to speak with JeNneSis before she began her trip to LA.

Steve: Can you give us a little introduction to yourself and your CS:GO background?

JeNneSis: I am JeNneSis, and I have been playing Counter-Strike since 2010.  I started playing competitively at the start of CS:GO.  I live in the Washington, DC area and help out with the local LAN events, volunteering and casting.  If they need anything in this area, I help out with the events. I even support other local organizations, not only the CS:GO community.

I also help with Fragadelphia, a large east-coast LAN event, which is in Philidelphia.

Steve: What was it about the Counter-Strike community that drew you in?

JeNneSis: It’s really the people.  I am playing with some of my teammates who are my really good friends.  I’ve met some new people and played with them.  I consider myself a people-person and making relationships, meeting the community is really important to me.

A lot of them are younger –– not my team, but the community is younger.  I like to kind of be there for them.  If I can mentor someone or help them. You know, the positive things.

Steve: Old School was established specifically for the WESG.  Have you played with any of the other members previously?

JeNneSis: Yes. So I have played with Moxie last year.  I know all of them.  A lot of them started in 1.5 and some started in Source.  They have all been playing before me.

Steve: What has your experience been like with the WESG so far?

JeNneSis: My experience has been awesome.  The WESG has been really helpful.  If I email them or message them on Discord, they are very responsive.  I have had a great experience with them.

Steve: Did Old School have any difficulties finding their rhythm throughout the qualifiers?

JeNneSis: With any team, it takes time to form.  We’ve been playing together a lot in the recent month trying to see how each of us play and play off one another.

Steve: How does the team feel now, heading into the semifinals?

JeNneSis: We’re really excited.  We’ve been practising, trying different strats for each map. We’ve been studying and doing the different things you do when playing competitively.  I think that we’ve been working hard.  It’s a little nerve-wracking but regardless, we’re playing against friends.  It’s going to be fun and that’s how we want it to be.

Steve: Are there any beginner tips you can give players?

JeNneSis: One thing I would say is to watch demos and watch players who really know how to play.  One thing that gets lost in playing competitively is teamwork.  It’s not just about a single player, it’s about working with your team.  That’s is one of the things players who are newer might not know.

I was one of those people.  But it is a learning process.  It’s important.

Steve: Where can people follow you online?

JeNneSis: Twitter, I tweet almost daily.  I also have an Instagram that people can follow.

Watch the WESG USA National Finals Here

For more on the WESG USA National Finals, keep it locked to Inside WorldGaming Network.

About The Author: Steve Vegvari

Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario.  His enthusiasm and adoration of the video game industry go back to the days of SNES.  Find him on Twitter and join in on the escapades.

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