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WGN Brain Trust – Rocket League’s Sizzling Summer

25 Jul , 2018  

By:Matthew Rondina
Rocket League’s road map for summer 2018 has added exclusive rewards, pro events and a new track! It’s been an explosive summer for Psyonix’s rocket cars, World Gaming Network is here to keep you updated on all the developments, buckle up, for the round up!

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The Beach is Calling…
Welcome to the sun, sand and seagulls of Salty Shores! The free new arena update is the sunniest map yet, and will keep those summer vibes going as it joins online playlists year-round. While some users have complained that the new arena makes the ball a little difficult to see, it’s been all sunshine so far in my play tests and the new environment is a welcome addition. Check it out for yourself:

Rocket League Blasts onto Xbox Game Pass
Rocket League has found a new home on Xbox Game Pass, making it even easier to jump into the rocket car lifestyle this summer.
RL Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass is a monthly subscription service that gives users access to 100 titles that rotate every month. During Microsoft’s July edition of Inside Xbox, Rocket League was added along with discounts to premium DLC. It’s a perfect time to jump into Rocket League on the Xbox platform!
Rocket League’s 3rd Birthday

It’s been an incredible 3 years of Rocket League with the franchise seeing huge growth in the esports scene. The latest infographic revealed 46 million players worldwide with a staggering 2.5 billion matches played. The lifetime tournaments of the game show the development and growth of the pro scene is flourishing with 1.1 million tourneys created with 4.8 million tournament matches played.
Summer Feature Update
During the months of July and August Psyonix will be releasing a major update to Rocket League, one that will make it easier to play with friends on multiple platforms.
This update will give you the ability to register a unique ID and provide access to a reworked in-game friends list. Once you register for this new system you can find your friends on supported cross-play platforms and play online.

Progression 2.0 will also be introduced featuring levelling and xp updates that will rework levelling and experience mechanics. The removal of the 75 cap will be replaced with a rebalancing of the entire levelling curve.
Levelling up will now deliver Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, or Import items instead of drops occurring completely randomly as per the current system.
Finally, a new “Rocket Pass” system will be introduced. While it hasn’t fully been detailed it will contain both Free and Premium tracks so all user tiers have something to work towards.
World Gaming Rocket League Canadian Challenge
The Rocket League Canadian Challenge has been running for a majority of the summer, giving players a chance to complete for their share in $20,000 worth in prizes.
8 online finalists will face each other for their share of all the prizes in our live National Finals at the Scotiabank Theatre Toronto, on August 19th, 2018.
Hope to see you there and game on!

Buy your tickets for the Rocket League Canadian Challenge Finals

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