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WGN Brain Trust: Rocket League Canadian Challenge Finalist – Nighty Night

16 Aug , 2018  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

The WorldGaming Network Rocket League Canadian Challenge will wrap up on August 19th.  Eight of the best Canadian teams will travel to Toronto, Ontario.  These talented teams are determined to make a name for themselves and walk away with the championship title.

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We had a chance to speak to Matt, aka Gibs, who is the team captain of Nighty Night. Nighty Night is one of the eight teams qualified for the finals.  Matt currently, Matt stands with Nexaway and Perched Peach as the path to the finals draws closer and closer.  As Matt points out, Nighty Night has not had the easiest time securing his roster of three.

However, in the short conversation I had with Matt, the team has a particular sense of optimism and confidence.

Steve: How did you meet Perched Peach and Nexaway?

Matt: I used to have a longtime teammate that I was going to compete with, but he dropped out last minute.  So I had to scramble around and find some people.  I ended up finding Nexaway after posting on Twitter that I needed someone for the Canadian Challenge.

Apparently, he saw it from a buddy of his.  This was probably the day before the first qualifier.  After the first tournament we ended up teaming up with Perched Peach.  It was a wild ride to form the team, but it worked out in the end.  There was a common theme during this whole thing.  We’ve had a different sub in each of the qualifiers.  It’s been interesting.

Steve: How long have you been playing Rocket League?

Matt: Probably for a year and a bit.

Steve: As team captain, what are the visible strengths and weaknesses of the team?

Matt: The three of us have only played together for the second qualifier and the playoffs.  However, our defense is great.  Not letting in any goals is basically how we qualified for LAN.  We basically did not let in any goals during the final two games.

Sometimes our passing can be off at times.  Our communication is something we need to keep up.

Steve: Have you seen the team improve over time?  Or has that always been the case?

Matt: When our communication is really good, our passes and offense is really good.  When we get quiet is when there tends to be issues.  That is when we tend to not score goals.  We just have to keep that up.

Steve: Is there anything Nighty Night would have done differently during the playoffs?

Matt: Try not to lose the first round.  When we lost the first round we got really stressed.  After that we did well, so I was happy about that.

Steve: How are preparations for the finals going?

Matt: (Laughs) Not well because a lot of us are going on vacation.  Nexaway is on vacation right now and I’m going when he gets back. 

Steve: So a lot of rest and relaxation I suppose.

Matt: Yeah, a lot of relaxation is going to be our form of preparation.  We’ll be doing solo stuff to prepare for the game as well.

Steve: That being said, do you feel confident in the team going into the finals without being able to scrim?

Matt: We might try to get a few scrims in here and there as there are a few overlapping days.  But we have a structure of how we play and as long as we keep the communication, we’ll be fine.  We don’t necessarily need to play together.

Steve: What are the goals you’ve set out for the team during the finals?

Matt: I’d like to come top six and get a prize.  That is the ultimate goal for sure, so at least win one match.  It’d be nice to create an upset and try to go further into the tournament than what is expected.

Steve: Can you tell us about some of the strategies you’ve taught yourself since you’ve started playing?

Matt: Definitely try to always look for passes more than doing solo plays, at least in 3s.  That is something I have been learning over the past three to four months.  I’ve started getting better at the game, getting Grand Champ and stuff.

To catch a lot of teams off guard you’ve got to look out for each other instead of doing it all yourself.

Steve: What is a piece of advice you can give new Rocket League players?

Matt: The biggest thing for up and coming players is getting the mechanics down before you can go for Grand Champ.  Try getting into freeplay a lot and get the mechanics before expecting to reach a higher rank.

Steve: Where can readers find you online?

Matt: I’m on Twitter. Nexaway can be found on Twitter.  Perched Peach is also on Twitter and he streams on Twitch as well.  Our team is just a made up name so we don’t have an official page.

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About The Author: Steve Vegvari

Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario.  His enthusiasm and adoration of the video game industry go back to the days of SNES.  Find him on Twitter and join in on the escapades.

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