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WGN Brain Trust: Rocket League Canadian Challenge Finalist – Dauntless

2 Aug , 2018  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

The WorldGaming Network’s Rocket League Canadian Challenge finals is inching closer and closer to its August 19th arrival.  Dauntless is our next qualifying team in the spotlight.

Made up of three up and coming players, Comp leads his team as captain alsong side LjRH and Koho.  All three players have been longtime enthusiasts of the game, and are dead set on making a name for themselves coming out of the finals.

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I spoke to Josh “Comp” Bryne to reflect on the qualifiers and learn how the team formed.

Steve: Can you introduce us to you and the team?

Comp: I am Josh Bryne otherwise known as “Comp”.  I am alongside LjRH and Koho.  We recently formed Dauntless for the Rocket League Canadian Challenge. We’re looking to make it all the way.

Steve: How long have you been playing Rocket League?

Comp: I have been playing Rocket League since July, 2015.  LjRH has been playing since September, 2015 and Koho began sometime in 2016.

Steve: How did Dauntless form?

Comp: I met Koho during Rocket League Season 3.  We formed a team and we played well together.  That team broke up and we had a few months apart.  Recently I met LjRH and realized we lived in the same city.

Once the Canadian Challenge popped up, I messaged him and asked him if he wanted to compete if we found a third member.  We went around and tried a few people out.  Once we played with Koho and we played really well together and formed Dauntless.

Steve: As team captain, how would you describe each your teammates strengths?

Comp: Koho’s strengths are coming up in very clutch moments.  He’s very fast going to the ball and can handle himself under stressful situations.  LjRH is a very good attacker.  He can put a shot in anywhere on net.  You tell him to put it top-right and he’ll put it there.  My strengths is my ability to being quick on the ball.  Defense is also a strength of mine.

Our weaknesses are basic consistency and rotation.  We’ve been seeing major improvements where we did the first qualifier and fell apart.  That was our first time playing together aside from one scrim.  We got a few practises in and so the next qualifier is when we really showed up.

We took a week off before the playoffs other than a few scrims, didn’t play that well together.  All of us were hoping we would do better during the playoffs and something just clicked and we’ve been playing better ever since.

Steve: Is there anything you would have done differently during the playoffs?

Comp: At the end when we were going for seeding we were very hyped up and should have focused on that game so we could a better seed going into LAN.

Steve: How is the team preparing for the finals?

Comp: We talk to each other a lot.  Basically team bonding.  We play other games together if we get sick of playing Rocket League. There’s not much else other than scrims and team bonding.

Steve: How confident are you and Dauntless feeling?

Comp: We’re pretty confident in the team going into the LAN.  A little nervous about our first match, but I think we can get through it if we are all on point and do our best.

Steve: Aside from winning, what kind of goals have you set out for Dauntless in the finals?

Comp: We are hoping to not get knocked our first round.  That is a really big goal. We want to show everyone who we are.  I want to get our name out there and hope they’ll recognize us and say “Oh wow, they made it this far.”  I want to have fun too.

Steve: What are the best strategies you can suggest to up and coming players?

Comp: I think the best would be to focus mainly on 3s.  Don’t focus on 2s or 1s.  The main focus of the competitive Rocket League is 3v3.  Unless you look at the Universal Open or anything like that you can train for that.  If you are looking to get into competitive Rocket League like the RLCS you need a good team.

Steve: Where can readers keep up with the team online?

Comp: Twitter is what I mainly use.  I do stream on Twitch.  LjRH is on Twitch and Twitter.  Koho is only on Twitter though.

More Rocket League Canadian Challenge interviews are on their way.  Keep it locked to Inside WorldGaming Network.

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About The Author: Steve Vegvari

Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario.  His enthusiasm and adoration of the video game industry go back to the days of SNES.  Find him on Twitter and join in on the escapades.

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