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WGN Brain Trust: Rocket League Canadian Challenge Finalist – 3 Memes 1 Dream

9 Aug , 2018  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

WorldGaming Network’s Rocket League Canadian Challenge finals are mere weeks away.  3 Memes 1 Dream have solidified their position in the finals as one of the top eight teams in Canada.

The 3 Memes 1 Dream team are comprised of Trey, Mittens, and Dareyck.  Some may know Dareyck from the recent RLRS and Universal Open tournaments.  While others may be familiar with Mittens’ and Trey’s for their YouTube and Twitch content.

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Either way, the trio have begun to find the sweet spot and learned to gel with one another’s strengths.  I spoke to Trey, who is the team captain and discussed his experiences and the goals he has set out for himself during the finals.

Steve: Can you introduce us to you and the team?

Trey: My name is Trey.  I am a part of 3 Memes 1 Dream.  Previously, I’ve played in a gaming expo in Ottawa back in November 2017.  Unfortunately, my teammate did not show up so we only placed top five.  Currently, my teammates are Mittens and Dareyck.  Mittens and Dareyck are both Twitch streamers and YouTubers.  I have been talking to them for a while now and we decided to participate in the Canadian Challenge together.

Steve: How did 3 Memes 1 Dream form?

Trey: About two months ago I reached out to Dareyck when I found out he was Canadian through one of his streams.  We started playing together and we felt we played the best with Mittens through various tournaments and community tournaments.  We thought we would stick with Mittens and go from there.

Steve: How have you found the team dynamic change over the past month?

Trey: We’ve kind of revolved around Mittens’ offensive strengths and individual playmaking ability.  He is a force on offense.  Dareyck and myself have been playing around him and fill in the spots as needed.  Dareyck usually anchors us in the back and lets Mitten and I do our thing on offence.

Steve: How do you feel about the team’s performances during playoffs?

Trey: We felt really confidence with our performance going in.  We had a lot of practice going into the playoffs with good results.  The team took that and it went very well.  We played Croissant Bois and they are a very strong team so we lost to them unfortunately.

We practised a bit more and bounced back and qualified.  I do think we’ll be a bit nervous going into the finals as we’ve never played there before.  Once we get more practise and are comfortable with ourselves we will do well.

Steve: Is there anything you would have done differently?

Trey: Maybe we could have done more passing plays involved and offensive pressure instead of individual plays.  Croissant Bois and Him Tortens had really great defensive plays so we just need to be more creative in our passes to get around them.

Steve: How is 3 Memes 1 Dream preparing for the finals?

Trey: We are trying to play as much as we can together in any form.  Whether it be ranked, tournaments or scrims.  We are trying to scrim at least four times a week against other teams going to LAN.

Steve: Aside from winning, are there any personal goals you’re looking at during the road into the finals?

Trey: Yeah, just to improve as a team.  Our expectations were to make LAN and now that we have we are looking to play extremely better. We are trying to place at least in top four.

Steve: Any essential tips you can give to aspiring Rocket League players?

Trey: Get yourself in a positive work environment.  Try to play with players that want to grind like you do.  Once you have established that just keep putting in the work.  If you keep doing that with your teams you’ll be a lot better.

Steve: How about advanced strategies?  Any that you find yourself leaning on when playing a LAN?

Trey: The only strategy I really try to do is try to make sure when I hit the ball, it goes to a spot where my teammates can work off of.  And making sure we are all in good positions.  That way it helps keep our rotations intact and help get pressure.

Steve: Where can readers keep up with the team online?

Trey: They can find me on Twitch and Twitter.  Mittens is on Twitch, Youtube, and Twitter.  Daryeck is also on Twitter and Twitch.  We’ll be streaming some of our scrims so you can check it out.

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About The Author: Steve Vegvari

Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario.  His enthusiasm and adoration of the video game industry go back to the days of SNES.  Find him on Twitter and join in on the escapades.

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