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WGN Brain Trust: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Esports Player: Remix

21 Jan , 2019  

Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has been in the hands of players for over two months.  Since it’s October 12th release, players have been refining their strategies ahead of the new competitive season.
The Call of Duty World League Open was the first major offline tournament held for the Black Ops 4 season.  Over 200 teams gathered in Las Vegas to establish themselves in hopes to automatically qualify for the CWL Pro-Level circuit.

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Eric “Remix” Calnan was one of the many players that travelled to the event and participated in the large-scale tournament.  Remix has been a longtime fan of the Call of Duty franchise, dedicating a large portion of his time to honing his skills to join the best of the best.  On the side, Remix fosters a positive community in his streaming endeavours.  This lead him to be picked up by the Ontario Esports League.
I had the chance to pick Remix’s brain on his thoughts of the game and what his experience was like attending his first major tournament.
Steve: Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Remix: My name is Eric Calnan, also known as Remix.  I am a 21-year-old Call of Duty competitor and streamer living in Hamilton, Ontario.  Owning almost every system growing up, I used to play almost every type of game until I found my love for Call of Duty.  I began playing Call of Duty and made sniping videos off my cell phone in the living room.
Eventually, I got into the competitive side of Call of Duty and started competing in online tournaments and Game Battles.  After experiencing the adrenaline rush that competing in a video game brought, I decided I wanted to take it to the next level.  Since then I have been travelling around North America to compete in high-level tournaments with some of the best competitors in the game and have been dedicating my life to getting to the top with these players
Steve: How long ago did you start playing Call of Duty on a professional level?
Remix: My first event was in 2015 and since then have been dedicating my life to it.
Steve: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has been out for a little over two months at this point, what are your overall thoughts on the game?  Positives, negatives, etc.
Remix: Overall, I think it is a very great game.  I was not a huge fan of WWII, so I firmly believe they brought a lot more to Black Ops 4 and released a great game for not just the players but the audience to watch as well.  [Treyarch] did a very good job balancing the guns and giving a large selection of weapons and abilities.  There are a few basic problems every new multiplayer game encounters, but it will be fixed over time!
Steve: Call of Duty: WWII returned the series to boots-on-the-ground gameplay, while Black Ops 4 returned to faster gameplay.  What are your thoughts on Black Ops 4’s balance of speed and movement?
Remix: [Treyarch] did a very good job balancing the speed of the game with everything the game has to offer.  It made for an excellent competitive feel.
Steve: Do you have a preferred Specialist when playing competitively?
Remix: My favourite specialist is the Battery character with having the ability to dominate the whole other team and their scorestreaks with her grenade launcher.
Steve: Many of the multiplayer maps being classic maps from the Black Ops franchise.  Are there any that you find are improved when mixed with Black Ops 4’s gameplay mechanics?
Remix: I’m a big fan of the remade maps Summit and Firing Range.  The maps are adjusted to fit the new gameplay.  The [player] movements in Black Ops 4 fit very well.
Steve: How did you become involved with OeSL?
Remix: I was scouted out through Twitter for my positive attitude of wanting to be successful.
Steve: You recently attended the CWL Las Vegas Open.  What was that experience like for you?
Remix: Traveling to my first major event was incomparable to anything I’ve ever experienced in my life before.  Getting off a plane after flying to another part of the country knowing I was there to play a video game pushed my motivation.  It gave me a better vision of how big gaming is.  It gave me a whole other perspective on it as well as my family, seeing their reactions and how amazed they were just thinking 10 years ago they would have never imagined me flying cross-country to Las Vegas to compete in a video game.
The event was 100x larger and more professionally managed compared to any other event I have attended.  Going from a 32-team event to a 272-team event.  Seeing sold-out crowds and the announcers and the entire set up of the main stage and the venue pushed me to want this a lot more.  It was an amazing experience for me and motivated me to improve for the future.
Steve: Any future events planned for the new year?
Remix: CWL Fort Worth, CWL Anaheim and Call of Duty Champs, baby!
Steve: Do you have any broad tips for Call of Duty players who may want to bump up their skills in the game?
Remix: If you want to be a Call of Duty Competitor it comes from A LOT of practice.  Endless hours of grinding in your room and wanting to improve every single day.  Nothing comes overnight and it will be a long road but keep your head in the game.  Only focus on your opinion and what you truly want.  If you surround yourself with the right people, then just play as much as you can and always listen to your teammates on what you can do to improve yourself.
Your teammates are there to be winners just like you.  They will see little flaws that you may not see yourself so always take suggestions from your teammates on what you can do to improve yourself.  Work on strengthening those flaws every day.  Watching live streams and competitive events with your teammates are a big help with learning things you can do better for yourself and your teammates.
Steve: Finally, where can people follow you online and keep up with you?
Remix: You can keep up to me daily on Twitter and my live streams on Twitch.

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