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WGN Brain Trust: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Esports Player: aHTracT

11 Feb , 2019  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

The new season of competitive Call of Duty is well underway.  Players from all over have been honing their skills in Black Ops 4 and participating in minor events.  The 2019 CWL season began last month in Las Vegas where over 250 amateur and pro teams came out in droves to participate.

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Chicago, Illinois resident Albion, aka aHTracT was one of those players.  After building a reputation for himself over the last six years, aHTracT signed on to be apart of the a1m gaming team.  Alongside the other members of the a1m team, he travelled to Vegas to compete.

I was able to get a sense of aHTracT’s experiences in Vegas and hear his thoughts on the lasts Call of Duty title.

Steve: Can you give us an introduction to yourself?

aHTracT: I am 22 years old.  I play Call of Duty competitively and even did some competitive Fortnite.  I also stream on Twitch which I enjoy doing a lot!  I competed in Fortnite because I didn’t see myself wanting to go pro since the last few Call of Duty games weren’t my favourite but now my goal is to pursue it no matter if I like the game or not.

Steve: How long ago did you start playing Call of Duty on a professional level?

aHTracT: I’ve been playing Call of Duty since Modern Warfare 2.  I started playing for money and competing around Black Ops 2 when I started to make a name for myself.

Steve: What has your experience been like regarding Black Ops 4? Any positives or negatives stand out?

aHTracT: Honestly I’ve had a lot of fun playing Black Ops 4.  It’s a really well-rounded game in my opinion.  I had a great time competing at CWL Vegas, which was a real eye-opener for me.  It made me realize how much more I wanted this for my future.

Steve: How are you finding the selection of maps?  Are there any that you feel you have a competitive advantage on while playing?

aHTracT: I am going to be honest about this one –– I don’t think any of the maps are made that well.  But I do enjoy them because I like the game and it’s well-rounded.  I definitely think Arsenal and Gridlock are the best of all.  The reason being every game mode just plays pretty well on them.

Steve: What are your thoughts on the revised maps from previous Black Ops titles?  How do they compare now with the added movement mechanics and Specialist skills?

aHTracT: I enjoy playing the old maps from past Call of Duty games.  They just feel extremely smooth, especially with the new movement.  Although I don’t think they belong in competitive whether it’s in SnD tournaments or CWL gameplay.

Steve: Do you have a preferred Specialist when playing competitively?

aHTracT: I prefer to be the Prophet Specialist when competing in these tournaments and events.  It just feels good to run a Specialist that kills your opponents especially when you go on a kill-streak with it and make a huge impact in the game.  It makes you feel really good about yourself. I can’t deny that.

Steve: Is there a loadout you feel most comfortable with?

aHTracT: Honestly, I don’t prefer anything.  I feel like I’m that guy that can do anything that his team needs me to do.  If I really had to choose it’d be a Maddox RFB with 2 Quickdraws, Stock, Elo and a stun.

Steve: How did you become involved with a1m Gaming?

aHTracT: I know the owner of a1m, he contacted me about CWL Vegas and that he wanted to build something with my team and I was all for it.  Nothing better than starting somewhere from the beginning and growing with the people who believed in you from the start.

Steve: What was your experience like at the CWL Vegas Open?

aHTracT: It was an eye-opener, it made me realize how much more I want to compete and get out there and be the best. It’s an entirely different environment but in a positive way.  You get to see long-time friends and have people rooting for you.  Lastly, Black Ops 4 plays AMAZING on LAN.  It’s so much fun.  Had a few issues with MLG Staff but other that, it was a blast.

Steve: Were there any big takeaways the team had now that you’ve had some time to reflect?

aHTracT: Yeah, like I’ve said it was a big-time eye-opener.  We saw how close we came and it just made us all want it that much more.  [The team] realized we needed to work on some things, communication being one and getting on more often to get practice in.  If you put in the time the results will show, that’s a promise.  Nothing comes easy.

Steve: Can you give some tips for Call of Duty players who may want to bump up their skills in the game?

aHTracT: It’s what you get told for everything and it’s the truth.  Practice and experience are everything.  Just keep playing.  The more you play the better you will become whether it’s public matches or competitive you just gotta keep playing.

Steve: Where can people follow you online and keep up with you?

aHTracT: I have a Twitter account and I also stream on Twitch but that’s about it.  I never really got into YouTube.

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About The Author: Steve Vegvari

Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario.  His enthusiasm and adoration of the video game industry go back to the days of SNES.  Find him on Twitter and join in on the escapades.

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