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WGN Authority Report: September 5th

5 Sep , 2018  

Written By: Dave Throop

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The last week of August was a busy one in the world of esports with CS:GO, Fighting Game and Fornite fans all getting plenty of high level competition to satisfy their entertainment needs. There is quite a bit to delve into so let’s get right to it!


CS:GO – Dreamhack Masters Stockholm 2018

16 of the best teams in the world gathered at the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, Sweden to battle it out for their share of a $250 000 prize pool this past week. The tournament is a part of Intel’s Grand Slam, counting toward that potential million dollar prize.

After an intense five days of competition it was ultimately North who emerged as the victors. Advancing through the group stages undefeated they got off to a great start. They easily carried this momentum into the first elimination round, easily dispatching of Na’ Vi 2-0 with a combined round score of 32-12.

They ran into their first true test against mousesports getting demolished 16-0 in their opening match. Undeterred they were able to turn the series around narrowly pulling out victories in games 2 and 3 with 16-14 and 16-12 score lines respectively.

The finals of the tournament ultimately ended up being a rematch from the group stage. Having defeated Astralis in Group play in an incredible series that went the full 3 games and into overtime in the final match. Although Astralis clearly wanted revenge in this final series it was not meant to be.

North got off to a roaring start defeating Astralis 16-1 in the first map on Dust II. Astralis would not be dismissed that easily however, and countered with an impressive 16-6 victory on Train. This set the stage for a winner take all match on Overpass and again the final map proved to be the best map of the series. Astralis was able to put up a good fight throughout the match but North was able to secure the final necessary rounds to win the game 16-11 and become the 2018 Dreamhack Masters Stockholm Champions.

If you missed any of the action live and want to check out the full standings, VoDs or other content related to the event, check out the official Liquipedia page.


Fortnite Summer Skirmish at PAX West

With plenty of attention on Seattle this weekend already for PAX West, things got even more exciting with the inclusion of the Fortnite Summer Skirmish Grand Finale. With $1.5 Million on the line things were even more intense than usual in what has easily become the most popular battle royale.

The tournament was stacked with big names and known entities such as Nick Mercs, Team Liquid’s Poach, FaZe Clan’s Nate Hill and others, although Ninja – the game’s most prolific name – was not present at the competition.

Despite the incredible amount of pressure and the big names in attendance it was someone relatively unknown who stole the spotlight. Morgausse was able to impress everyone getting an early victory with over 7 kills and consistently placed near the top in the other matches. His impressive performance in the Victory Royale combined with his consistent play was enough to earn him a staggering $250 000. The prize distribution for the players who finished in the top 20 can be seen below, while all remaining players in the top 100 were awarded $5000 for their impressive performances.


This concludes Fortnite’s official competitive season for the time being, we’ll be sure to bring you updates as details on the next season unfold.


Summer Jam – Street Fighter V

Fighting Games jumped back into the mix this past weekend with Summer Jam bringing high level Street Fighter competition back to Philadelphia.

The top 8 is filled with many of the names we’d expect to see, however the name on the very top stands out. PUNK from EchoFox was able to win his first Street Fighter 5 Tournament of the year, masterfully commanding Karin to best Toi’s Bison in the finals.

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The entire final day was filled with incredible matches, if you missed it you can check out a full VoD of championship Sunday.

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