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WGN Authority Report: October 11th

11 Oct , 2018  

It was a quiet start to October in the world of esports with Quake Champions and the Fighting Game Community providing most of the action for us last week. Quake Champions brought the best players in the world to PGL Bucharest while the Capcom Pro Tour and Tekken World Tour gathered in Mexico and Columbia respectively to watch the best players in the region, and some of the best in the world, fight for supremacy and their spots in the respective world championships.  

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Quake Champions

The best players in the world converged on Bucharest to battle it out for their share of the $50 000 prize pool and ultimate bragging rights as the best duel player in the world. The players were placed into four groups of four and played Swiss brackets in order to determine the top two that would advance to the elimination bracket.

Many of the names fans and experts expected to make it through their groups did so with ease. Rapha quickly defeated everyone in his group and although Agent was able to give him a scare in the winner’s match by taking a game he was still clearly the better player. Rapha’s fellow Team Liquid representative DaHanG also got the better of Agent in the final match of the group meaning he advanced as well. Clawz and Cooler advanced through their group as well.

Of the four DaHanG was the first to fall, losing in the first elimination round to K1llsen. Cooler would make quick work of him in the semi finals, winning 3 games to 1, thus securing his place in the finals.

On the other side of the bracket Rapha and Claws collided in the semi finals but Rapha’s decades of competitive experience proved to be too much for the aspiring youngster and the highly anticipated match-up resulted in a fast 3-0. This was a demonstration of the form Rapha was in this weekend and a premonition of what was to come in the finals.

Although Cooler is much more experienced than Claws he too broke in the finals against the world’s greatest Quake player.Cooler was able to take a game off of Rapha but Rapha was clearly the better player and secured the 3-1 victory – this was his 9th tournament win in his last 10 major tournament appearance, an unthinkable streak of dominance.


Fighting Game Action – StreetFighter V and Tekken 7

Fighting game players from around gathered in Mexico and Columbia this past week for some major qualifying events prior to World Championships.

Street Fighter competitors were in Monterrey, Mexico for Thunderstruck VI where Punk of EchoFox continued to show he is one of the absolute best players in the game with a resounding tournament victory. He beat out another American player JB(2) in the finals with the top Latin player, ElTigre, coming in 3rd place. If you missed any of the action you can watch replays on the official Capcom Pro Tour Videos page.

The Tekken community gathered in Columbia for TXT 2018 and for the fourth time in six years Abel Del Maestro was able to take home the gold. Winning the first three iterations of the event, in the past two years he was defeated by Sapito and Crespo, but was able to once again proclaim his dominance last weekend. This was Abel’s first victory on the Tekken World Tour this year.

Although the event was in Columbia, there were many players there from other continents and the South Americans did an incredible job fending them off with four South Americans finishing in the top 8 of the event.

The final was an epic showdown between Abel and America’s RunItBack, who took an early loss in pool play and had to get to the finals through the loser’s bracket. After winning the first set in the finals against Abel 3-1 the Finals were to be played on equal footing, with one final best of 5 to decide the victor. Here Abel demonstrated why he was so successful all weekend, and why this is his tournament. He was able to masterfully defeat RunItBack 3-1 and cinch the victory in front of an incredibly supportive crowd. If you missed any of the action live you can watch the VoD on twitch.

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