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WGN Authority Report: November 28th

28 Nov , 2018  

This week in esports was relatively quiet but we were still given some extraordinary action in both CS:GO and DOTA2. FACEIT brought eight of the World’s best CS:GO teams to Arlington Texas to battle it out for the FACEIT Season 6 crown while the first major of the DOTA2 2018-2019 season took place in Kuala Lumpur. Fans can look forward to Dreamhack Winter this coming weekend which will feature Quake Champions, Hearthstone Championship Tour and Rainbow Six Siege events.

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FACEIT Season 6 Championship – CS:GO

Some of the best Counter Strike players in the world assembled at the Esports Stadium in Arlington Texas to battle for their share of the $660,000 prize pool and the title of FACEIT Season 6 Champion. The second seed from the North American qualifications, Renegades, was unable to attend the event due to visa issues allowing Cloud9 to attend in their stead.

The teams were divided into two groups and ultimately the European teams emerged victorious, claiming three of the top four spots. The sole team to advance from the North American Qualifiers, MIBR,  did not disappoint the region taking the first spot in their group over the top European seed Astralis and making it all the way to the finals.

The showdown in the group stage between these two squads required the full three games to determine a victor and served as a preview of what would come later on in the weekend.

Astralis was able to claim the first match for themselves 16-10 but MIBR would not be discouraged. What followed were two incredible matches that any CS fan should watch. Game two was a back and forth affair that went deep into overtime rounds before MIBR was finally able to win multiple rounds in a row and get a 22-20 victory. The third and final game on Inferno was just as evenly matched but MIBR managed to secure the victory in the final round of regulation.

Both teams were able to secure convincing 2-1 victories in their semi final match-ups, setting the stage for a Grand Finals rematch of what had been the best series of the tournament so far. The finals picked up where the last series left off and again the two teams found themselves on Inferno in the final round of regulation. This time the tables were turned giving Astralis the advantage and they made no mistakes, closing the first game out 16-14.

Game two of the series again went deep into overtime rounds and fans thought it might become dejavu from the teams’ first encounter. Astralis was determined to prevent this however and after a hard-fought battle secured the victory in the game and series 22-20.

For their efforts Astralis was awarded $250,000 and the FACEIT Season 6 crown. MIBR walked away with $120,000 for reaching the finals.


The Kuala Lumpur Major – DOTA2

The first major tournament of the 2018-2019 DOTA2 Pro Circuit brought 16 of the world’s best teams to the Axiata Arena in Kuala Lumpur to compete for a share of the $1,000,000 prize pool and DPC points which can help them qualify for The International in November of 2019.

After a full week of grueling competition it was ultimately Virtus Pro that emerged as the champions. They were able to dominate almost every team they encountered at the event.  In fact, they only dropped matches to one other squad – Team Secret.

Neither of the two teams had even lost a game entering the Winner’s Bracket Final making it a highly anticipated match-up that did not disappoint. Team Secret struck first with a quick victory to begin the series but Virtus Pro responded with a lighting fast victory of their own in the second game. This set the stage for an intense all or nothing third and final game that Secret was ultimately able to edge out after a 50 minute battle, securing their trip to the Grand Finals.

Virtus Pro would not be deterred from their goal of winning the event however, quickly dispatching of Evil Geniuses 2-0 to ensure the rematch. Just like their first encounter the series would go the full distance, but this time there would be no quick games. Virtus Pro was able to take the first game but quickly found themselves with their backs against the wall after losing the next two. Undeterred they made some alterations to their hero selections and emerged victorious in the final two matches.

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Virtus Pro was awarded $350,000 as well as 4950 DPC points for emerging victorious while Team Secret got $170,000 and 3000 DPC for second place. You can see full VoDs from the competition as well as player interviews, reactions and more on the official PGL Youtube Page.



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