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WGN Authority Report: November 21st

21 Nov , 2018  

It was an insane week in esports with Dreamhack Atlanta and the Red Bull Conquest LAN giving fans of every esports genre plenty to watch. NBA2K players have also been busy with the continuing 2K League qualification process. There is a lot to cover so let’s get started.


NBA2K League Tryout Process

If you think you have what it takes to play in the second season of the NBA2K League now is your chance to prove to the world you have what it takes as scouting for this year’s draft is now underway.

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The rules set out for qualification are fairly straight forward and easy enough to understand, but actually establishing yourself as one of the best players in the world is a tall task.  The Qualifier begins this month in regular online play. Sign on to your MyCareer and hop into the Jordan Rec Center, or the Pro-Am Team Arena, and get yourself a total of 100 wins over the course of November alone. Furthermore you have to ensure you have at least a 50% win rate over the course of these games or your total win number won’t matter.

Thankfully 2K made it very easy to check how you are doing over the course of this month, with an actual NBA2K League Tab added to both the game’s main menu and the Y/Triangle menu from within My Career.

The deadline for completely obtaining the necessary 100 wins is this coming Monday November 26th. This isn’t all however. If players want to be considered further they must also submit an official application which you can do here. The application must also be completed and submitted by November 26th at 6PM Eastern Time.

Applicants who successfully complete this first stage will qualify for a combine, much like last year, where their skills will be tested further. Like last year, players will have to select one of 5 ready made archetypes for each position and work together with other individuals to get victories. Your MyPlayer is not available for this combine so everyone is on an even playing field – the players you can select will be a 90 overall.    

If you’re a talented NBA2K player now is time to be putting your skills to the ultimate test of becoming one of the best players in the world. For some additional tips on getting noticed during this process check out our conversation with Yusuf Scarbz, last year’s center for the Toronto Uprising.


Red Bull Conquest – Capcom Pro Tour

The Red Bull conquest LAN served as the final event of the year for Street Fighter V fans before the Capcom Cup 2018. With possible trips to that all important championship up for grabs alongside thousands of dollars this was an incredibly intense weekend of action.

In a weekend full of incredible matches and story lines it was ultimately Chris “CJ Truth” Jayson that stood out from the pack. He walked through the Open competition until the Winner Bracket Finals where he encountered Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi, the top ranked Street Fighter V player in the world. Although Tokido got the better of CJ Truth in this matchup CJ would not be discouraged and quickly won the Loser Bracket Final match 3-1. This set the stage for a rematch with Tokido but this time CJ Truth would not be denied. He managed to win the first set 3-2 to even the score before winning the final set 3-1 securing a tremendous upset. Due to how far Tokido is ahead of everyone else in the standings, over 1400 points, he will still be the man to beat at the Capcom Cup 2018 but this phenomenal effort by CJ Truth demonstrated it is possible to topple the current champion.

In the regional tournament CJ Truth almost managed to win again but was bested in the finals by Reciprocity’s Victor “Punk” Woodley in an incredible final match. CJ Truth again had to come through the lower bracket and again was able to take the first set 3-2. Here the narrative deviated though as Punk would not be bested twice and clinched the second set 3-2. With both series going the full five games it is definitely a series worth watching if you missed the action live. You can watch the full event VoD on the official YouTube page.

Both players finished the event with sufficient point totals to earn their spots at the Capcom Cup 2018.


Dreamhack Atlanta

Dreamhack Atlanta was home to plenty of esports action this past weekend including the final official Halo 5 tournament, the Smite World Championships and elite Counter Strike Action.

In the CS:GO event it was Team Vitality, the victors of the European qualifier, who emerged victorious over the predominantly North American competition. They handedly swept the Brazilian Luminosity squad in the finals only dropping 10 maps over the course of the two games en route to a very impressive performance. Ghost Gaming and Complexity were the North American rosters with the highest placings as both made it to the semi finals.

Splyce brought a World Championship to North America this weekend when they bested Team RiVaL 3-2 in an incredible finals at the Smite World Championship. After sweeping both Obey and Dignitas, the top seeds representing the International and European regions respectively, Splyce looked unstoppable heading into the finals. Team RiVaL was equally dominant on the other side of the bracket, also refusing to drop a match until the final series creating an incredible clash of titans. The series represented the absolute pinnacle of professional Smite play and is a must watch for any fan of the game.

Halo 5 has also hosted its final official event and it was only fitting that TOX emerged victorious. Although they fell to Reciprocity 4-3 in the Winner’s bracket final giving them a scare they were determined for this event to serve as a stamp on their legacy. They beat Renegades 3-1 before exacting their revenge on Reciprocity in the finals in the form of back to back sweeps.

The tournament victory cemented the four man roster as the best team in Halo’s modern era, and entered them into the pantheon of greatest teams of all time alongside Final Boss and the God Squad. Together they represented some of the most prestigious organizations in esports including CLG and OpTic Gaming   They made it into the finals of all 16 Offline events they attended together, and emerged victorious in 9 of them.

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It isn’t clear what lies ahead for Halo. Although it used to be one of the most popular games and esports on the continent its recent iterations have struggled to find the same popularity and it appears that the next official competition will actually be a Halo 3 throwback event taking place at Gamers for Giving.


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