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WGN Authority Report – Nintendo Announces Two New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters

13 Jun , 2019  

Written By: Steve Vegvari

Two months after releasing Joker, Nintendo revealed the next two fighters that will appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate later this year.  During their Nintendo E3 Direct, Nintendo opened and closed the show with reveal trailers for the new additions to the already extensive fighter roster.

“The Hero”

The Direct show opened up with another beautifully crafted CG trailer.  Link is battling the possessed Meta Knight and Marth when our first new fighter appears.  Riding on horseback, Dragon Quest XI’s “The Hero” joins the fight to save the hero of Hyrule.

Based on the short trailer, the unnamed protagonist from Dragon Quest XI appears to primarily use his sword in some fashion for all his neutral attacks.  He also appears to be able to block certain attacks with his shield.  Hero is also shown firing a fireball, perhaps as his Side B special.  Hero can also charge the projectile to hit at a longer range.

When talking about his specials, things get a little bit interesting.  As shown in the trailer, Hero is not alone. Three additional Dragon Quest protagonists appear and seem to act as different skins, each with their own special attack variant.  This is purely based on speculation as there is no confirmation from Nintendo on how Hero’s moveset actually handles.

Watching the trailer, you can see Hero’s recovery sends out two tornados and sends him flying above.  The tornados can catch nearby enemies and propel them backwards. Later, one of the alternate costume fighters uses what appears to be his own recovery called “Zoom” and while it still propels the fighter horizontally, there are no tornados attached to this move.

We get a quick montage of different moves including “Kamakazee”, which detonates Hero, likely taking off one stock in order to deal massive damage.  You’ll also see “Bounce” which appears to be defensive spell move which causes projectiles to ricochet off the Hero.  Later, we see another costume use “Kaclang” which also see seems to be a variant to Bounce. Instead of bouncing projectiles, Kaclang momentarily turns Hero to metal.

Finally, Hero’s Final Smash seems to gather all the Dragon Quest protagonists together and attack together, similar to Mega Man’s Final Smash.

There seems to be a lot of variables to the moveset.  It is hard to break down what’s what without having hands-on time with the fighter. Luckily, the wait isn’t too long.  Nintendo ended the trailer with an announcement that Hero will be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sometime in the summer.


Closing out the 40-minute Direct, we got our second Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer.  This announcement was incredibly special as many Smash fans have been advocating the inclusion of this iconic duo: Banjo-Kazooie.

Banjo-Kazooie’s reveal was executed similarily to Nintendo’s King K. Rool troll introduction.  We find our three DK fighters taking a bit of a breather before being interrupted.  After the Duck Hunt fake out, Banjo-Kazooie jumped on the screen of their long-awaited debut.

Judging by what we saw in the trailer Banjo-Kazooie is a much more straightforward fighter.  The first thing we see is Banjo’s dash, where Kazooie takes over and quickly runs forward.  Afterwards, we see Banjo’s neutral attack which has Banjo swiping other fighters.

It looks like Banjo’s Neutral B has Kazooie shoot a projectile egg out of his mouth.  Right after performing this move, Banjo transitions to take Kazooie out of his backpack and continues shooting eggs while walking around, which may be his Neutral B move with a directional input.

We also get a glimpse of what could be the Down B move.  Kazooie shoots a grenade out of his backpack at enemies in close range.  Banjo’s Up B seems to activate a Shock Jump Pad, which shoots the duo into the air.  Kazooie then begins to flap his wings and fly for a few moments. Banjo’s Side B appears to be a long body check attack.  For Banjo’s Final Smash, a Jiggie barrage flies through the air, dealing damage to the targeted fighter.

Once again, a lot of this is based on speculation and button inputs can be completely different upon release.  However, it’s clear that Banjo’s moveset is pulled directly from his game series.  At the end of the trailer, Nintendo reveals that Banjo-Kazooie will be coming later this year, sometime in the fall.

It’s important to note that with both fighters, they’ll be accompanied by a new stage and new music tracks inspired by their respective franchise.

We now know three of the four fighters that make up the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Pass.  This should tide us over until the end of the year.  With the inclusion of Banjo, you have to wonder who Nintendo will include as they close out the first year of support in 2020.

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